Friday, June 27, 2008

about coming soon?

"berangan angan diatas awan - penangan candu asmara"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

about : currently i'm listening to Candu Asmara - Marcell

Marcell - Candu Asmara


Adu Du..Du..Du Betapa Galau Hatiku
Jikalau Lama Ku Tak Jumpa Denganmu
Adu Hay...Hay...Sungguh Nikmat Bersamamu
Selayaknya Insan Ketagihan Candu


Senyumanmu Kerlinganmu
Bagai Candu Asmara Merasuk
Nadiku (Nadiku...).Ooo...Ooo
Bagai Candu Asmara

Adu Du..Du..Duh Betapa Galau Hatiku
Jikala Lama Ku Tak Jumpa
Adu Hay...Hay...Sungguh
Nikmat Bersamamu
Selayaknya Insan
Ketagihan Candu

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About My first mobile upload + atilia

Here it is my first proper upload using my mobile phone. Hehehe I guess I'll be posting mobile photos once in a while now that I have access to mobile blogging. Here seen in this photo is my girl atilia enjoying her nasi dalcha in bangsar right this moment hehe.

Friday, June 20, 2008

about empty

been out of touch with some of you faithful frens and readers for a while now. so i thought i should drop a short note.

After PRTM ended it's second run with a BANG last Sunday, I've been busy still. Since PRTM started till now... i haven't had a proper day off but i am not complaining because with new responsibilities i am the happiest boy around. at least it keeps my brain busy. Big projects coming soon and i am excited!

but off course 5 days after PRTM ended... i am feeling a bit empty. i miss all of them ... maybe i'll write a longer note on how much i miss them. later lah...

i will updated cheddgraphy latest by Tuesday with some of the nicest photos i took during the run. sorry for such short note. see you here soon! B sharp B bright B smart B strong B happy... B Love

Monday, June 02, 2008

i've uploaded some candid photos i took at Istana Budaya during our rehearsals and during our cast and members getting ready for the show. click here to view the photos i uploaded.

p ramlee the musical is entering week two now and will close it's curtain on june 14th. click here for more info.
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