Monday, December 31, 2007

about the year end

happy end of the year! i normally tak buat new year resolution because it never works for me but i am wishing you had a great year and o good one ahead. will be back soon.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

about dayang nurfaizah dan anugerah skrin

hahaha here's a funny story... i went to the Curve, for a movie at Cineleisure, while waiting for the time i sat at the Big Apple Donuts drinking coffee and eating 'say cheese' donut ( love it love it love it!)... sorang sorang...

When it's time for my movie i bangun and turn around and there i saw seated behind me this lovely malay girl in a baju kurung, minimal make-up smiling at me and she said hi to me. we shaked hand, wishes hari raya and suddenly i realised it's Dayang Nurfaizah!

She looked really manis and pretty in baju kurung , i bet most people wont realize it's her but nevertheless, she was nice to said hi to me.

so we chatted for abit, a lil hi-hi-bye-bye but realising my movie about to start and my friend mimy probably waiting for me already. i have to go but before that i did tell her that to check-out this blog because i said ... "your gambar masa anugerah skrin, i dah upload to my blog... jemputlah singgah" and she said " great, nanti i check".

so aku pun jalan menuju Cineleisure... 10 tapak nak sampai Cineleisure, aku ketawa sorang sorang gelak besar... why ? sebab i just realised that i havent upload any photos from anugerah skrin yet hahahaha. but i did upload Dayang's photo with me to my facebook.

ok lah Dayang and kengkawan semua... here it is.

kalau nak tengok gambar gambar lain, saya dah upload kat my facebook. ok gtg

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

about Tiara and her new baby name Ruai

I was invited to the soft launching of Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina's latest project, The Ruai Bistro( I think that's the name) at Borneo Rainforest Sunway last night. a lot of familiar faces i saw there last night, Atilia and her husband (congrats on your anniversary babe), Melissa Saila and her family, Pat Ibrahim and others were there celebrating the soft launch. you can see come photos here at cheddgraphy.

Driving pass the area i was shocked with this new building besides Borneo Rainforest and i immediately felt very welcome within the environment and i especially love the grand entrance. go to cheddgraphy the see the photo of the entrance.

Not even a year after Borneo Rainforest Cafe opens her door, The Ruai was born. The concept as i can see is different from Borneo Rainforest Cafe where at the cafe , it is family oriented while here at The Ruai, it is more hip and happening with entertainment is the main focus here. what is very clear is the very strong feel of Serawakian (DS Effendi's home-state) decos every where giving me the feel as if i am in Serawak!

Datin Seri Tiara and Datuk Seri Effendi latest baby, The Ruai is an extension to the now very popular themed eatery outlet, Borneo Rainforest Cafe in Sunway Lagoon area . The Ruai at Borneo Rainforest is a young, hip and happening bistro with Serawak cultural theme decked throughout the outlet. with great environment, waterfall, music and long house and without a need to fly to Serawak to experience Serawakian hospitality, The Ruai is a great place to hang out with friends and family. just drop by and chill. it's very theme-park like!

more photos here

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

about yanie's first single

i must say that her vocals is unlike what i remember her during her mentor days. clearly vernon, audi and ning has done something good here

find out more about yanie here at mrmanager's blog

Sunday, December 16, 2007

about Dafi's 19th Birthday

I went to Dafi's 19th birthday which was his first birthday with his Dafinates (fans) today at KL Tower . Seeing him grown in such a short time, i'm so proud of my boy, he handles the crowd well and he gives a speech pretty well too! Politician in a making perhaps? (bapa borek anak rintik kot, huhuhu)

But what makes me more proud was that his singing has improved tenfold! and his confidence level are way better as it is evidenced in him handling his fan, getting the crowd scream and scream for him!

Although i would say there are parts of the event arranged by DFC can be potong out from the day's agenda, i would say by the end of the day, Dafi saved the day and with him singing songs at the end which was really was the highlight of the event. there are some familiar faces amongst the crowd, some friends from the press (although it's their off day for most of them), Dafi's family and fanatics.

His friends from AF5 were not there because most of them are busy, some are now in Kuantan for the Gempak Selebriti ASTRO event, some with recording and what not, but i think it's ok since this is a day out for Dafi and his fans. we were entertained by the KL Tower cultural dancers, the VID (committee member of Dafi's fan club) plus the tandoori and beriyani was EXTRA DELICIOUS as Vernon and Abang Najmi would agree because we all went on for 3 plates tanpa malu hahaha.

Click on the photo above to bring you to the photo collection i took during the event or you can also click here to view more photos. You can also read and view extra photos i took for Vernon at his mrmanager blog

I was glad that i was there, had fun with new and old friends. by the way, My Name Is NOT Remy, it's chedd... with a broken english... hehehe

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

about Anugerah Skrin baru habis

hello kengkawan, tonight's show was a blast. will post the photos tomorrow, in the meantime here's some behind the scene videos. if u missed the live show, watch the recap online at

the P Ramlee musical 's ensemble during the full dress rehearsal, that's me in white tuxedo huhuhu

towards the end of the show where we performed the closing number Cahaya Anugerah

source :

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


make a date with TV3 this friday night from 9pm onwards for Anugerah Skrin TV3. why?

  • 12 of us from P Ramlee The Musical will be doing the opening number with a melody from the musical with a totally new dance (funky) routine choreographed by the multi talented Pat Ibrahim. the 12 of us features zeqhty, azrul, nadia, zana dan ramai lagi.
  • Diha, Nita and the Floor Fever boys will be backing up Ferhad
  • My iideas being implemented by Helen Yap for Asmara (thanks Helen)
  • drama komedi saya, Keluarga Adam nominated for best comedy series
  • the 12 of us also will do the closing number singing Cahaya Anugerah , lagu tema Anugerah Skrin
  • Cahaya Anugerah is written by Helen Yap and lyrics by me

so make sure y'all tengok hari jumaat ini di TV3 jam 9 malam ok or you can watch it live on

Monday, December 03, 2007

about best comedy nomination's video

ini video senarai pencalonan drama komedi terbaik untuk Anugerah Skrin TV3

Sunday, December 02, 2007

About Hello CHEDDgraphy

A spin-off site of went online today at today.
Nanti akan ada cross-blog/posting between and CHEDDgraphy from time to time but it is still good to visit both side as the posting will be different. Tak faham? katakan ada function atau event yang si Chedd ni pergi menyibok dan ada gambar yang dia ambik, kalau cukup buat koleksi, dia akan post di CHEDDgraphy macam album dan kalau perlu, gambar paling dia suka akan appear di tetapi main post masih . di CHEDDgraphy lebih bertumpu pada gambar gambar sahaja. kalau ada cross-posting, akan diletakkan kedua-dua link di akhir posting tersebut. (macam kat bawah tu).
Chedd baru belajar berjinak jinak dengan DSLR jadi kualiti gambor dia ti tak lah cantik sangat. kalau ada komen sila tinggalkan di CHEDDgraphy dan kalau anda rasa ada gambar yang bakal saya post itu offensive (manalah tau kot kot terlepas), leave request for me to take it out and leave a reason why the photo should be taken out. i hope i cam comply hehehe.
So, apakejadahnyer CHEDDgraphy tu? well as the name itself suggests, budak chedd ni dah takde kerja lain huhuhu, after discovering another hobby taking photography, he decided to create another blog, a spin-off of his main blog at CHEDDgraphy was chosen because he couldn't think of any other names ...
1. nama glamer dia (glamer ke?)
1. Writing or representation produced in a specified manner or by a specified process: photography.
2. Writing about a specified subject: oceanography.
3. Representation of a specified object: phonography.

The English suffix -graphy means either "writing" or a "field of study", and is an anglicization of the French -graphie inherited from the Latin -graphia, which is a transliterated direct borrowing from Greek.
In the meantime, check out my first post on today's National HIP HOP challenge. check it out! So i hope you'll enjoy your stay sebab i nak share my love with y'all... chanx!

Friday, November 30, 2007

about Dec 14 nanti...

during our rehearsal break . can't wait to go back on stage!
from left Azrul (ex-suriafm dj), Nadia Luscious and Zeqhty (NTV7 Audition2)
Aiyo lama tak mari sini... tengah sebok menyiapkan kerja.. it has been awhile kan and now i'm missing you all. ok , what's new? first of all, we are all still busy getting ready for Anugerah Skrin TV3. To those who yet to know, part of the P Ramlee the Musical's ensemble will be performing the opening and the closing for the event with choreography by the one and only Pat Ibrahim. On top of that , Pat juga akan mengkoreografi FeverDolls yang bakal mengiringi persembahan Ferhad malam itu nanti.

So nantikan Anugerah Skrin di TV3 Dec14 nanti yang mana, komedi saya Keluarga Adam dan drama Nadia Luscious juga dicalonkan. jangan lupa undi! Besides trophies, winners will walk away with a trip to Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Other artistes who will perform that night include Faizal Tahir, Ferhad, Ning Baizura, Nikki, Yanie, The Lima, Mendua, Adibah Noor, Dayang Nurfaizah and Noryn Aziz.

Monday, November 26, 2007

about FeverDolls and Dina

In between my unfinished works and assignments today i decided to walk around One Utama today, walking endlessly and cluelessly not knowing what to do, what to eat, what to buy and what to see and was pleasantly surprise meeting my girlfriends Diha, Nita and Linda (PGLM ensemble) getting ready for their performance. No wonder la today takde rehearsal dengan Pat! rupa rupa budak budak ni ada show!

of all the days, ini hari i forgot to bring along my camera so i have to settle with my phone's camera. wasn't happy at all because now i am so used to taking photos with my Nikon... anyway jumpa juga dengan kawan lama Dina ( Malaysian Idol ) also getting ready for her performance. (kalau u all sempat tengok video Malu tapi Mahu ada budak nama Chedd gelek Inul ngan Dina huhuhu).

Here's a video of FeverDolls that i secretly took without the girls knowledge. sorry girls huhuhu. ok lah i nak sambung edit lagu.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

about photos during P Ramlee the musical

i've uploaded some photos taken during P Ramlee the musical. Take a look at my facebook here.
photo by chedd eddie yusoff

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mesti tengok :: music of the night

Teatro at Times Square New York. photo

Stephen "hunk tuah" Rahman-Hughes's Teatro music video in full glory. very proud...

about anugerah skrin 2007

telah tiba! telah tiba masa! malam gemilang
anugerah! seniman dan wayang gambar!

Pagi semalam, bertempat di Ballroom Hilton Sentral KL, kitaorang ada show. show untuk press conference Anugerah Skrin 2007. Istimewanya Anugerah Skrin ini tahun, Drama komedi lakonan saya, Keluarga Adam ade ade aje dicalonkan dalam kategori Komedi Bersiri terbaik.
Tetapi kehadiran saya kat situ bukan sahaja untuk pencalonan tetapi juga sebab kami buat preview untuk persembahan pembukaan malam anugerah itu nanti yang akan Live diTV3 Dec 14th nanti. Antara yang terlibat nanti ialah, saya, zana dan nadia Luscious, Zeqhty dan ramai lagi dibawah koreografer Pat Ibrahim. kebanyakan nya terdiri dari ensemble P Ramlee the Musical . Nantikan persembahan kami itu malam dan harap harap insyaalah Keluarga Adam menang. jangan lupa undi ok!
Drama lakonan Nadia Emil Emilda juga dicalonkan. Ramai juga yang hadir tadi dan ini ada sedikit gambo gambo antara yang sempat saya snap sebab tak cukup masa nak snap untuk tatapan anda semua. and as usual all photos posted are KLIKable
p/s: sape tengok drama misteri Jalan Simpang Burung kat TV3 2 hari lepas? dah 5 kali ulang tayang you!

antara gambo yang sempat saya ambik
photograhy by chedd eddie yusoff

Sunday, November 18, 2007

about Atilia at Bangkok Jazz

Junaidah ada show!

Had the pleasure of hanging out last night with friends from P Ramlee and Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical at Bangkok Jazz but last night was extra special because we were there for one good reason. We were there to support our girl Atilia who did a 2 night shows there. It was a crowded night and the crowds were the best. jom lets story mory about last night.

Sampai di Bangkok Jazz around 10 pm yesterday to my surprise jumpa si Ramlee kecil (Syafie Mukhsin) dan Sukardi kecil (Adik Wan) having dinner upstairs with Atilia, her Hubby and Fizar (Atilia's manager) accompanied by Cik Lek (Raja Malek) and Shada (costume designer for P Ramlee).tak lama lepas itu, Azrol datang dengan kamera DSLR ber lensa besar barunya (jeles aku) di ikuti oleh E-Ein dan kawan kawan lain datang satu persatu...

Persembahan Atilia dimulakan tak lama selepas itu dengan sorakan peminat dan kengkawan semua. to be honest that was the first time i am watching her live as an audience with her singing her own style and songs and i must say that i am really impressed with her stage command and allure. it really shows how a pro she is. the song choice are of her style with lots of Sade, Mary J blige and some nice nu-jazz song selections. but i must say it suited her voice and image and the crowd loves it as it shows with the finger snapping and foot tapping that i see last night and occasionally sing along :)

Among highlights of her 2 sets performances last night were songs like Duyong, Salah Sangka, Sangkar and Tompi's Selalu Denganmu which is also featured in her album. Not forgetting her P Ramlee The Musical family, she sang her number from the musical Leka with Zeqhty . At various points of her performance, guest singers and friends (hehe) got to share her mic, singing together with her (yours truly included hehe) but the one that got the crowd hot last night was when Atilia's mum, Salamiah Hassan shared the stage with her singing Jelingan Manja.
Best of all, we all had a lot of fun sambil sambil melepas rindu jumpa kengkawan . ramai juga yang datang malam semalam ada Zana dan Nadia Luscious, Diha, Sofea Bee and her team, Megat Sharizal (Tun Dr Ismail 1957 hati malaya) dan Tuan Director Zahim AlBakri yang datang bergegas dari rehearsal Tarap Man (akan dipentaskan soon) , kengkawan ensemble lain juga ada, kengkawan produksi dan transformers. Dapat jumpa kawan lama Jason Voo yang juga co-producer album Atilia dan mr Zahid (best Drummer in the world!). kata akhir saya ... BEST GILER!

Friday, November 16, 2007

about teatro

about withdrawals ,Gila Panggung dan futsal

Ok , i have to admit, saya kena mengaku kat sini yang saya memang sebenarnya dah buntu... tak tau nak tulis apa. sebab utamanya ialah saya masih lagi dalam mood withdrawal selepas habis pementasaan. mati kutu...
Tapi saya juga sebenarnya juga sibuk dengan kerja kecil kecilan disana sini. Dalam pada itu juga saya sedang sibuk untuk mengcha-cha bublekan sebuah lagu joget lama yang saya harap untuk rakamkan tak lama lagi sebagai single baru. Harap harap semua nya berjalan lancar.

Dalam pada itu kalau ada kesempatan, jangan lupa untuk dapatkan Majalah Style keluaran November dan HYPE! isu 97. kenapa? hehehe huhuhu, dalam majalah fesyen Style ada lebih kurang 6 muka interbiu bersama Sean, Liza, Tiara, Melissa, adlin dan juga saya bercerita tengtang P Ramlee dan Musical in general. yang istemewanya, gambar gambar kat situ semua cantik cantik belaka. Dalam HYPE! juga ada dalam 6 muka berwarna warni mengenai Muzikal P Ramlee dan yang paling best ada kesah tentang mamat yang bernama Chedd Eddie Yusoff... huhuhu. so tunggu apa lagi... cepat lah pergi beli :).

So, dah 2 minggu P Ramlee The Musical melabuhkan tirai, kitaorang buat apa? hmmm... macam macam... Abis Show hari Sabtu, Ahadnya saya potong rambut jadi pendek selepas simpan lama sejak AF5... Sean ada show, Disamping sibok dengan Sehati Berdansa (astro RIA) Atilia pun ada show malam esok kat Bangkok Jazz jam 10 malam (jom pergi tengok), Liza Hanim pulak sibuk promosi album sambil merindui pentas, kami yang lain-lain? macam macam lah , 2 hari lepas habis P Ramlee kami gi main Futsal kat Wangsa maju Dimana group Casts lawan Group Transformer dan kami kalah kan group Transformer 15 -8 hahaha Adlin dan Pat Ibrahim pun ada sekali., pastu lepak lepak minum minum, esok, saya ada rehearsal untuk show kat TV. next month ada dinner shows kena buat, dan lepas ni nak lawan main bowling pulak. Dan sementara itu, kami tengah tunggu panggilan telepon untuk project seterusnya je hehehe.

Nak buat camna, camni lah hidup anak panggung... kalau dah Gila Panggung tu Gila Panggung jugalah.... memang rindu.

berdiri : Megat , Rafique, Dboy, Shah duduk : Alvin dan Azrol menang15-8!

tukang sorak Diha, Nadia dan Zana

group transformer yang kalah teruk

adlin tunggu giliran dan tukang sorak

casualty of the day, alvin infinatez

Saturday, November 10, 2007

about being bored...

I am so bored that i went thru some stuff on the net and stumbled upon this quiz thru a friend's blog (that femes ilustrator emilia) ... took the test and it likened me to jfk huhuhu

Monday, November 05, 2007


dunno what to write... sad, lonely... i miss the stage, i miss everyone... P Ramlee The Musical concluded it's 1st run on Saturday . i'll write about my experiences in one or two days time. not now. too sad... but most important of all, BIG HUGS AND THANK YOUs to all you my friends, readers and fans for supporting. i'll be BACK! in the meantime here's an autograph pic of Dato Siti for you all.

Friday, November 02, 2007

about our Hunk Tuah's new album!

A lil bit out from my normal regular P Ramlee posts.

Stephen Rahman-Hughes, our Hang Tuah in PGLM's super vocal group, Teatro will be releasing their album soon. keep a look out as they are good and they will invade your living hall, your car stereo, iPods, bedroom and everywhere!! trust me. here's a sneak peek...


Comprising Stephen, Jeremiah, Andrew and Simon, TEATRO already billed as Theatreland’s First Supergroup, their eponymous debut album is released 26th November. break a leg guys!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

about extra performance...

taken directly from Datin Seri Tiara's Blog

hi friends!

just to share with you, before news is released to the general public tomorrow, enfiniti productions is confirming 1 additional performance of p.ramlee the musical, 3rd november at 3pm (matinee performance). this will surely be a most emotional performance for the cast as its going to be their last day of performing for this season... tickets are available through and istana budaya's 24-hr hotline just as before, so good luck, its 1stcome-1st served...

hope to see you all there!

Monday, October 29, 2007

about not working... bored

Hari ini hari ithnin... bagi ramai orang hari mula kerja, tetapi bagi kami warga kerja P Ramlee The Musical, ini hari cuti. maybe bagi sesetengah orang akan bergumbira sebab dapat cuti tetapi tidak bagi orang yang "gila panggung" macam saya.-.
Bosan juga ini hari tak dapat buat banyak benda best. benda 2 yang saya dapat buat semua nya benda boring... clean the house, keluar duit bayar bills, dan lepak kosong . I called kawan2 lain semua busy sebab Ithnin memang hari busy... bosan punya hal , ini hari aku pusing the whole of One Utama 2kali... beli kasut nike (lagi!).
Ada juga yang tertanya kenapa ador gambo mukhsin dalam post saya yang sebelum ini. Untuk pengetahuan you-you all , ketiga-tiga watak Kecil untuk ramlee, sukardi dan azizah dilakonkan secara berganti- gantry supaya they all tak letih- Gabungan pertama adalah Mikhail Merican, Wan Ramzizul Zaimi dan Rachel Wesley (LG MyStarz) manakala gabungan kedua adalah Mohammad Syafie Naswip (Mukhsin), Emeer Iskandar(LG MyStarz) dan Nurazliana Haslin binti Rusli (Lynn).. Ok lah, nak tido, esok saya story-morry lagi ok!.
MyStarz LG Rachel Wesley sebagai little azizah

LG MYSTARZ's Emeer Iskandar and Mukhsin's Mohd Syafie Naswip as little Sukardi & little Ramlee

Miss Malaysia/World 1991 Samantha Schubert who i acted with in URMI earlier this year.

Cikgu English AF5, abang Khairul Najmi

pemuzik2 handalan indonesia dibawa oleh Maestro Pak Erwin Gutawa

Friday, October 26, 2007

about no mishap and jason scott lee

Alhamdulillah! untuk saya, malam ini persembahan lancar tanpa banyak gangguan. energy di pentas dari casts dan ensemble kuat juga dapat saya rasa ini malam.
Ramai juga sahabat, pembaca dan peminat yang datang menonton tadi, kawan lama masa kat MRSM si Sauqi datang dengan kerabat keluarga, malam sebwlum ini sorang lagi kawan MRSM, Muadzam datang bersama isteri dan familynya. kawan semasa saya buat URMi, si Fang juga ada bersama rakan rakan dari Musical Broken Bridges lain .
Tetapi paling kami teruja ialah, JASON SCOTT LEE!, bintang Hollywood (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) sebagai Bruce Lee dan The Jungle Book (1994) sebagai Mowgli )dan artis West End London, juga menonton ! JS Lee adalah rakan baik Sean Ghazi kerana mereka pernah berkerja bersama semasa JS Lee played The King of Siam opposite Elaine Paige in the Broadway revival of Rodgers and Hammersteins's musical "The King and I" at the West End, London Palladium. kacak juga mamat ini dengan semangatnya pakai baju melayu huhuhu. semua budak perempuan menjerit jerit takkala Jason kebelakang pentas selepas kami habis buat persembahan... tak caya? ini gambonye...

kami semua dibalakang pentas tadi bersama Jason Scott Lee (baju melayu biru)

sempat lagi tu lepas habis tukar baju pergi ambil gambar huhuhu

Thursday, October 25, 2007

about Gala Night and my little mishap...

para tetamu, Datuk Seri Effendi dan PM. (gambar eja)

Executive Producer, Datin Seri Tiara taking a bow (gambar eja)

my final scene as Sukardi. "Perpisahan Sukardi" selamat tinggal sahabat.. (gambar eja)

ramlee kecik 2 : syafie (mukhsin)

malam semalam was the gala Night for our PM dan antara yang hadir malam semalam menyaksikan persembahan kami ialah anak Allahyarham Tan Sri, pak Nasir juga anak anak angkat Tan Sri, Sazali dan Sabaruddin (antara yang saya nampak di skrin belakang pentas ) juga dengar cerita, pak Aziz Sattar serta pak Kassim masdur juga ada dikalangan para penonton semalam . apa agaknya perasaan Pak Kassim melihat wataknya dilakonkan oleh si Leslie tu. huhuhu. adik saya dari AF5 si Aizat juga ada dikalangan penonton semalam.
segalanya berjalan lancar malam semalam cuma part saya je agak kureng sedikit semasa saya mahu mula menyanyikan lagu Perjalanan Bintang dimana tak tahu dimana silapnya, saya termasuk lambat sedikit tetapi selepas itu semuanya terus lancar. harap malam ini lebih baik. insyaalah.
seperti yang anda dapat perhatikan , saya jarang update. ini kerana saya agak sibuk kebelakangan ini. tetapi saya janji saya akan cuba update selalu. dalam pada itu kalau anda ingin lihat gambar gambar belakang pentas silalah tengok album Multiply saya :)
ada banyak gambar disebalik tabir disitu...
oh btw, kalau nak tengok wajah wajah, saya, Datin Seri Tiara, Sean, Melissa, Adlin dan Liza Hanim sila silalah beli majalah STYLE keluara
n November sebab kami ada didalam issue tersebut bercakap tentang P Ramlee dan muzikal.

3 gadis (Baby Arin, Nadia dan Ruzana luscious) bersama Junaidah (Atilia)

Junaidah (Atilia) dan Saloma (Liza Hanim) gaduh senduk garpu huhuhu

sebab mereka gaduh adalah kerana Atilia cakap Pasembor Liza tak sedap sampai tersembor keluar mulut huhu (gurau je)

before act II, Rafique Infinatez, Me, Nita (ex-malaysian Gymnast) dan Azrol (ex-SuriaFM DJ)
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