Saturday, July 28, 2007

about My Name Is Remy Open Audition

if you are a Male performer age between 21-40 years old, can sing and dance with interest in acting, please come to our audition for My Name is Remy (a musical about P. Ramlee) at

10 on 10 studio
(above Linda onn's chicken rice shop)
near ampang point
Tomorrow (Sunday) 29th July at 12 noon
next Tuesday 31st July at 3pm

please come prepared with songS and comfortable attire to dance

for more infos please call our Dance Captain Ms. Zeqhty at 017 2844 726

about DaVom Mila's fanclub launch

hmmm.... asyik tak dapat join je semua majlis yang melibatkan adik adik af5 aku.... last week noni punya FC... esok, mila pulak. dapat mesej dari Mila yang dia nak saya datang tapi maaf dik abang kena kerja (cari duit makan) hehehe

anyway, kepada peminat mila jangan lepaskan peluang bertentang mata dengan juara AF5 di majlis pelancaran Fanclub mila esok di Desa Waterpark. kalau nak join kena daftar dulu , info segala boleh didapati disini

about having time out...

aduh!! semenjak habis URMI sampai today belum ado masa untuk bergumbira lagi. Kerja,. Kerja. kerja but happy berkerja

baru malam semalam dapat time out sekejap. sempat meluangkan masa dengan ensemble My Name Is Remy dan survivors Star Maker boot-camp makan - makan happy sakan di majlis pembukaan Restoran baru Datin Seri Tiara The Borneo Rainforest Café @ Sunway berhadapan dengan hotel sunway resort and spa

kite orang makan sakan sebab semua sedap! bukan puji sebab saya akan berkerja untuk Tiara dalam My name Is Remy tetapi puji sebab memang sedap. tak percaya tanya Pat yang makan sakan dengan penambahan berkali kali(hahaha)... paling saya suka nasi dagang. nasi kerabu pun sedap. umai pun sedap, ketam bakar dan kerang bakar pun sedap (eh eh macam advertisement pulak)

anyway semua sedaplah... tak caya tanya sama SM, megat, sabrina hassan, bebudak luscious dan Infinatez (gangstars) , DJ suria Azrol juga para jemputan lain yang hadir seperti sofea jane, juliza adlizan dan Datuk Siti Nurhaliza! yang datang bersama suami masing masing (motif utama saya tulis nama nama ini adalah untuk memberitahu mereka mereka yang dijemput tapi tak datang untuk merasa jealous) hahaha

ok cukup advertisement untuk malam ini.... tengah sibok kemas rumah sebab esok family nak datang... perutku penuh makan sakan tapi takpe esok rehearsal Remy boleh joget sampai pengsan

Indulge your senses in the thrill of the wild outdoors while you feast under the stars at the cleanest, funkiest eatery in town.

Over 100 of the best Malaysian delicacies, from grilled crab, lamb chops and baked oysters to nasi kerabu, otak otak, char koay teow, nasi lemak and laksa Sarawak.

Borneo Rainforest Café @ Sunway,

(Opposite Sunway Hotel & Spa)

Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,

46150, Petaling Jaya,


(apasal bila aku baca balik post aku ini macam aku menulis sedang mabuk je padahal aku cuma minum coke dan sprite 10 gelas je... hmmm dah pukul 4 pagi! patut pun! ngantuk rupanya aku ... alamak!! rumah messy lagi!!!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

about... my demo song... caras

hmmm... tak tahu nak tulis apa... boring. tapi lagi boring malam ni... so apa apa pun dengar dengar je lah lagu yang saya tulis ni (main main)

lagu ini adalah ciptaan pantas saya (fast job) yang tak seberapa. tercetusnya idea selepas saya dapat cerita yang ada kawan rapat saya sudah caras sama sayalah... takpe... aku maafkan ko... tapi ini lagu khas buat ko... (bukan kualiti rakaman studio ok.... buat sendiri kat rumah)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

about ... oooi so senyap....

I received a lot of emails and text messages asking me what happen to me, why am i so quiet / senyap lately without posting here... all i can say is that i am so busy working in a workshop for another musical history in a making although, i have so much to say and talk about it but i JUST CAN'T say anything since the big boss says DO NOT REVEAL ANYTHING but the only thing that i can tell you guys is, it is My Name Is Remy (aka P Ramlee the Musical), we are planning to stage it in Istana Budaya soon after AidilFitri in October and THE SONGS ARE HOT! HOT! HOT!!!
will reveal more once the official announcement is out from Enfiniti Production.
and for those of you who will be free tomorrow night why not come join us at the Attic KL since the StarMaker Bootcamp survivors will be performing there for 3 sets hehehe at the Attic Open Mic Session. here are the details come lar join us :)

WED 18th JULY 2007
Sets are at 9pm, 10pm & 11pm
at Attic KL

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

about makin lots of new friends...

one week has passed and today will be the 1st day of week two (final week) of the StarMaker bootcamp. When we all started the crash course, some of us were trying hard to fit in, it is because well , lots of new faces some familiar face. for some people like me or zeqhty or izlyn ramli or even janet, we don't have have any problem blending in because it is our second nature to be doing the BlaBlaBlas during any work that we are in so it's easy for us to starts a conversation to any strangers but to some, it's a bit hard.

but last sunday was the best day of all ... why did i say so? because Sunday was the first time that Pat, Sean and Reza really did drilled us all to the max! (not that they never did but 1st time they work together-gether) we dance dance, sing sing and really act! by the end of the day we were all really tired and beat but it was ALL WORTH IT! but it was the BESt day truly because that was the day that we all finally together. together as a team.

photos is copyrighted by the Star and read the article from where the photo was taken from here

the session of story mory on our live and why we in this bootcamp really was an eye opener! most of us really do have one thing similar, the love for art! that's why we are all in the bootcamp. i learn lots of new stuffs, like the fact that some of the bootcampers are either doctor to be or already a doctor but always desired to be on stage and i also learn a new kind of job, DoorBitching...

with that sessions we moved on to doing picture postcard exercise while singing seasons of love from the musical RENT. that was the highlight of the day that some of us got emotional. truly, by the end of the day, i felt that i am closer to all of them. as one bootcampers, Keith Yew aptly said in his email

Yesterday (Sunday) in particular was exhausting for us: seemed like the bootcamp has just officially started. I have xperience of dancing 3 hours back to back but yesterday was more that physical strain. Never a cry baby but yesterday I think I've cried buckets in Seasons ofLove. Besides Sean, Pat and Reza, there're so much more I could learn from you all.

and as izlyn ramli puts it :
everyone's bringing a special energy with them and as diverse as we all may seem, we've pretty much come from the same place - a passion for expression, jiwa seni and all that jazz... thank you for brightening up my days and putting a skip in my steps....

the trainers did drilled us hard, really hard that my body still ached even after one day rest, tired still yes but as i said earlier, it was all WORTH IT!
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