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about Shanel & Aylwin

Congratulation Shanel Shanty James-Santiago and Aylwin

remember Shanel? alah..that cute sabahan girl who got paired up with me almost every other week during that reality - tv show way back in 2004 (yes! that reality TV show...Hu3) and if you remember that show, you would remember Aylwin, the music director of the show, the MD of Sunday Lollies (betul ke aku tulis ni?) and Ning Baizura's Music Director.
Anyway, 6 days ago they tied the knot in Taiping after courtship of 4 years (yes it has been 4 years) and i was the first to know they they were dating (i think so) way back then... and tonight they held KL reception in the Hideaway OKR KL.
I was there, so were our realityTV mates, Misz and Jimmy. Ning and hubby was there and so was Miss J Victor and Nikki and off course Mr Manager.
I arrived late because as at 8pm i was still in my office trying to finish my work (plus the traffic was super BAD due to balik kampung rush) rushed over to the wedding reception, thinking about food for buka puasa (had coffee in the office earlier)... arrived at The Hideaway around 830pm and saw Mr Manager and Ning... went straight to work (business talk on my new project for Enfiniti for TV) and forgot that i havent eaten.... working still huhuhu...
But it was a nice gathering for friends and family and i am glad that i made it there, very private, very family, very fren-fren kind. i like. i enjoyed. almost didn't because of work and traffic. but i am glad i did.
Congratulation again for both Shanel & Aylwin...
read Shanel's own experience on her wedding at her blog.

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about the 3rd time... bigger better !

Ticket promotions Early bird October promotion

The names of all ticket purchasers in the month of October 2008 will go into a draw whereby 10 lucky winners will win a dinner experience with Tiara Jacquelina and Steven Rahman Hughes. Names will be picked on the 1st of November and winners will be notified by phone. For more information, please visit,, or call +603 7958 7877.

23rd September 2008
Press Release

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical- more magical, more spectacular, more breathtaking than ever before!
This coming February 2009, Enfiniti pays tribute to LOVE, and celebrates valentine’s month with the story of the legendary love of the heroic warrior Hang Tuah and the mythical princess of Gunung Ledang.
Tiara on PGLM’s return:
Enfiniti has been asked this question again and again by fans of theatre for the last 2 years – when will PGLM be back?
We’ve had 2 very successful seasons at Istana Budaya and an also sold-out season at Singapore’s Esplanade in 2006; by now, nearly 60,000 people in Singapore and Malaysia would have watched the show, and many of them are repeat audiences who keep coming back to enjoy the PGL Musical experience, which is such an encouragement for all of us to keep on delivering our best!
We also had an exciting journey putting on our second musical adventure, P.Ramlee The Musical with two successful seasons in Kuala Lumpur as well as a very well-received run at Singapore’s Esplanade. We learnt so much more from that experience and all through the time we were working on P.Ramlee, my team and I would meet to discuss PGLM in between-we talked about how we would make the show even more magical than before should we ever put it on for a third season. The ideas grew, and our excitement with it, and now we are all revved-up and so looking forward to putting on this exciting new production of the show!
Tiara on what the Puteri Gunung Ledang project means to her:
I guess it has always been in the back of my mind somewhere to bring the show back, because PGLM to me holds a special kind of magic I have personally never found in any other piece along my years as an actor and producer.
Story-wise for me, it’s a powerful and empowering woman’s journey, yet the musical version manages to capture moments of girlishness, a carefree, adventurous, impetuous attitude to life which I love, and most poignant of all, the courage to pursue a dream that I think many of us can relate to.
Production-wise, I must unashamedly admit that everytime I watch the show on a dvd recording, I watch with amazement and can hardly believe how we managed to put all this together!
(on sets) : I’m continually blown away by Raja Malek’s wonderful sets, which I think will always remain his masterpiece. Malek and Zahim have just returned from a study tour in France and the UK, watching several productions and meeting up with people from the industry, and we have discussed the enhancements they want to bring to the show to make it more spectacular than ever this time around.
(on script and lyrics) : In a musical, a lot of it is about how the songs and the dialogue move you. I go mmh-mmh-mhhhhh… when I think of how cleverly thought through every line of Adlin’s script and every verse of his lyrics are… I almost feel “geram” thinking about just how talented he is, sometimes. He has earned and fully deserves all the awards and accolades he has won for his writing, he really is a gem. This will also go down in history as one of his best works ever, for sure.
(on directing) : Zahim Albakri has brought to the show an incredible feel of a world-class stage musical with his vast experience and his influences, having watched almost all the major shows in the world. Many people after watching PGLM have told us that this show can go anywhere in the world and make Malaysia proud, isn’t that wonderful? Adlin’s partnership with him has brought out a strong Malay essence and spirit throughout the show, yet is contemporary, fast paced and very “today”. The elements of the east and west have been beautifully combined. Zahim’s challenge for the coming season is to make the PGLM experience even more breathtaking for the audience, especially those favorite magical moments that everyone loves.
(on choreography) : Pat Ibrahim has proved his mettle in stage choreography time and time again, with his stunning and awesome pieces of work in both PGLM as well as P.Ramlee. What I love about Pat is that he is continuously reinventing himself. When we discussed the new season, and a possibility of putting on “an exciting new show” now that we have so many months of lead time, Pat was the first to say “Yay! I want to re-choreograph EVERYTHING.” I believe audiences are in for a spellbinding time this season.
(on music) : With music maestro Roslan Aziz, the proof is in the pudding. He blew us away with the music of PGLM in February 2006. His combination with Singapore’s Dick Lee, who wrote the beautiful music was pure magic. Roslan proved that PGLM wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan when he blew us away again with his music direction in P.Ramlee, and if I know Roslan, something wonderful is already brewing for the new production in February!
For me, as producer, it’s wonderful knowing you have the best of the best working together on your team, and all of them challenging themselves to do better. We have a great synergy amongst us, great respect and admiration for each other’s work, and each of us continuously energizes the other, that’s something you can’t plan for – it’s either there or it’s not. And as executive producer, I have to equal and even exceed everybody’s effort, not just in putting together the production, but also with my second hat on, in my own performance as Puteri.
(Tiara as Puteri):
As an actor, I can’t explain it, PGLM has a very special magic about the story, the music and the songs that still gives me the goose bumps every time I think about it. PGLM was many Malaysians first love and first experience watching a Malaysian musical, and will always be my favorite piece of work, my pride and joy forever.
Ticketing information
Tickets will go on sale through Axcess Tickets from the 1st of October 2008. Due to the Hari Raya holidays, please note the following:
Website: – from 1st October 2008
Ticket Hotline : 603 7711 5000 – from 3rd October 2008
Istana Budaya – Tickets will go on sale from 13th October 2008
Axcess OutletsFrom 1st October 20081-Utama Shopping ComplexRock Corner, Mid Valley Mega MallThe Actors Studio, BangsarLot 10, Tower RecordsMusic Valley Midlands Park, PenangMusic Valley, Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru
From 3rd October 2008Stadium Putra, Box OfficeAxcess Office, Jalan Semangat
From 6th October 2008T-Station, Central MarketT-Station, KL TowerTower Records, Gurney Plaza - Penang
Ticket pricesTickets will be priced at the following categories:
RM30.00 / RM80.00 / RM120.00 / RM150.00 / RM180.00 / RM200.00 / RM230.00 *Exclusive Silver Seat - RM 250.00 **Exclusive Gold Seat – RM 350.00 Please note that there will be an administrative charge of RM3.00 for each ticket purchased.
*Exclusive Silver Seat - RM 250 Stall – Mid section of Rows N, O, P, R, S and TEvery purchase of a silver seat will be entitled to a program book.Customers will be able to redeem a program book by producing redeemable portion of the ticket at the merchandise counter at Istana Budaya during the run of the show.
**Exclusive Gold Seat – RM 350 Stall – Row QEvery purchase of a gold seat entitles the customer access to the VIP lounge before the show and during intermission. Light refreshments and snacks will be offered to guests during the intermission. The customer will also be able to redeem a program book by producing redeemable portion of the ticket at the merchandise counter at Istana Budaya during the run of the show.

For more information, please visit or call the Axcess hotline at 03-7711 5000. The hotline operates from Mon-Fri: 9am to 6pm and Sat: 9am-1pm

Ticket promotions
Early bird October promotionThe names of all ticket
purchasers in the month of October 2008 will go into a draw whereby 10 lucky winners will win a dinner experience with Tiara Jacquelina and Steven Rahman Hughes. Names will be picked on the 1st of November and winners will be notified by phone. For more information, please visit,,
or call +603 7958 7877.

Look out for more exciting ticket promotions for the coming months of November, December 2008 and the Valentine’s Day special for the month of February 2009!
Enfiniti Productions Sdn Bhd

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About Missing the innocent time of 'yesteryears'

I really do... Those were the time of simplicity the time when no troubles could trouble us. No worries on making mistakes, no fear on anything... Just a day to day life.

Why suddenly I am posting this I can't say why, maybe I am troubled with current happening that I wish I am still as innocent as I am in that photo that was taken by my late dad almost 33 years ago.

Oh I miss those days although I don't hve any memories about it.

God help!

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