Tuesday, March 31, 2009

about AF7 gambar konsert minggu 4

hahahahaha! kenapa muka aku camgini ek? aku pun lupa apa yang aku bincangkan dengan Principal Tiara... hmmm... gambar asal dari MrManager

about AF7 : yang tersingkir setakat minggu 3

Seperti yang saya janjikan malam semalam, ini dia koleksi foto gambar penyingkiran di konsert AF7, bak kata pepatah mat saleh, "sekeping foto berkata bak seribu ungkapan..."  hmmm... tengoklah dan tafsirkan sendiri

Ketika pengacara Konsert AC Mizal mengumumkan kejutan minggu ini yang mana, 2 pelajar disingkirkan 

wajah sugul Obri menerima nasihat dari Cikgu Siti Hajar

Yang Tinggal kini 11 orang sahaja

Obri menjawab soalan dari pihak media disidang media selepas habis konsert . pandai juga dia menjawab dalam sedih masih boleh berjenaka

Rini masih sedih, terkedu agaknya...

Cikgu Siti menjawab soalan media kenapa dia masih lagi dikenali sebagai ratu airmata AFtakkala anak muridnya disingkirkan

Principal Tiara menjawab soalan media tentang matlamat, perancangan  dan objektif pembelajaran minggu keempat.

hmmm... apa agaknya nasihat yang dibisikkan oleh Principal Tiara kepada Obri tu ?

Bacaan selanjutnya di :

about PGLM3 Backstage Crew

PGLM3 mungkin dah berakhir tetapi tidak bermaksud the fun stops there! lihatlah kerenah krew PGLM3 beraksi dikala kepala sudah sarat dengan kerja :) rakaman ini dibuat semasa pementasan PGLM3 masih lagi berlangsung.

Monday, March 30, 2009

About AF7 minggu 4

menarik sangat lagu lagu pilihan minggu ini, ada yang kena dan ada yang bakal membunuh... lebih menarik bila lagu lagu ini bakal betul betul menguji mereka sebagai "thinking performer" sebab semestinya masing masing mungkin tak terfikir atau bermimpi nak bawa lagu lagu sebegini...  

gelihati melihat gelagat mereka pagi tadi menerima tugasan masing masing... terkedu ada, tercengang pun ramai. yang pasti tugasan minggu ini bakal mengundang rating tinggi tinggi sepanjang minggu hinga malam konsert. 

yang penting tiap tiap malam kena tengok diari... mana tau kut kut ada kejutan ke apa ke hmmmm...  yang pasti lagu lagu tugasan minggu ini milik 2 nama besar industri seni suara tanah air... Siti dan Amy, dan kejutannya, Lagu Siti bakal dibawa pelajar lelaki dan lagu Amy bakal dibawa pelajar wanita...

malam nanti saya letak gambar gambar obri dan rini semasa mereka terkeluar sabtu lepas dan minggu sebelumnya. maaf sedikit lambat update sebab sibuk membantu Tiara dan kerja pejabat sekaligus...

p/s : lepas geram sambil nangis nangis lagi!!!! aiyo

Tugasan Akademi Fantasia - Minggu 4

Akim - Destinasi Cinta
Qhaud - Di Taman Teman
Hafiz - Cinta Ini
Sidi - Ku Milikmu
Aril - Lakaran Kehidupan
Yazid - Aku Cinta Padamu
Claudia - Suralaya Dalam D Major
Isma - Kerja Gila
Zizi - Aku Dah Bosan
Rubisa - Tiada LagiAishah - Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur

Lagu Bonus  Isabella dan Jerat Percintaan

wajah adila ketika disingkirkan minggu lepas

Sunday, March 15, 2009

about AF7 konsert minggu 1

with principal Tiara and cikgu A Aris before the show start after group circle of concentration

what a night it was... say what you want but i thought it was the best 1st week performance ever in the history of AF (matilah aku lepas ni ada yang kutuk aku) bukan nak biased but it was truly and enjoyable night and it WAS a BLOODY good night. a grand opening to the season. cuma takutnya, boleh ke they all sustain or go further and better next week?... yang itu kena tunggu dan lihat transformasi mereka.

berikut saya senaraikan top 6 performance yang saya suka. perlu diingatkan pilihan ini tiada kena mengena dengan produksi atau undian. cuma pilihan hati saya sebagai penonton dan pemerhati.

My top 6 choice performances 

no 1 
Hafiz : Lagu Kita
without a doubt the best performance tonight : almost perfect pitch!

No 2
Rubisa : matahariku
although a bit terkucil on the last note, still a powerful performance. a bit macam berlakun but must say ... good choice of song , penguasaan pentas yang bagus.

no 3
Aril : Rahasia Perempuan
superb performance ada attitude yang chantek but why i put him at 3 place? vocal macam semput sikit

no 4
Aishah : Dan Sebenarnya
good choice of song...menghiburkan

no 5 
Qhaud : Phoenix Bangkit
performance and style tersendiri

no 6
zizi : Molek
persembahan yang molek dan menghiburkan walaupun low note masa pembukaan lagu hmmmm...

watch the videos of the concert and more links and reviews at Sultan Muzaffar's Blog

more AF7 Blogger here : 

Friday, March 13, 2009

About Wednesday With Zubir Ali By BEE ALI

this might come a bit to late but receive this in my inbox from abang roslan aziz


" Zubir’s look of consternation was just a bluff, the big give-away being the twinkle in his eye." Bee Ali.

JUST like how American author Mitch Albom had his Tuesdays with Morrie, many former students of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) had Wednesdays with the late Zubir Ali.

Zubir died of heart complications at Damansara Specialist Centre, Kuala Lumpur on March 6. He was 59. 
To the world at large, he was a singer-songwriter and a good one at that. But to the students who had chosen to join Peska, the cultural unit in UiTM some 30 years ago, he was Cik Zubir, the department’s head honcho and mentor, who gave meaning and motivation to their creative and artistic dreams.

I was among the thousands of impressionable young people who entered college then, streamlined as we were into our chosen vocations as diverse as engineering to hotel and catering and computer science.

I studied Mass Communications but while subjects such as Fundamentals of Journalism and Communication Law were necessary tools of the trade, the picture wasn’t quite complete.
There was this need to express (and perhaps impress) that hovered like a shadow. It vanished as soon as I found my soul mates in the cultural unit — boys and girls who wanted to act, dance, sing, recite verses or just play a musical instrument or two.

At the centre of it all, to advise, supervise and even reprimand at times was Zubir.

He was a diminutive man but his spectacles gave him a severe look that, when displeased, could put the fear of God in you.

More often though, his look of consternation was just a bluff, the big give-away being the twinkle in his eye.

The building, a small section in the sprawling Shah Alam campus where lessons were held in the name of the arts from playing traditional instruments to studying the intricacies of asli dances, was one bustling place especially on the compulsory Wednesdays.

If one’s skills weren’t in any of the abovementioned areas, one could find a niche as a member of Himpunan Penulis dan Dramatis and be encouraged to write, read and recite the various forms of verses, be they sajak, syair or plain citations.

As you approach the cultural unit and hear the beats of the gendang and cak lempung get louder and louder, you feel uplifted!

After all, you would also have made firm friends. For me, there were Atuk, Aida, Aina, Boon, Lloyd, Hazlan, Jamal, Ogie, Putri, Roslan, Zailan, Nizam, Wak2, Zurina, Zubli and Zuraidah, to name a handful.

The rigorous practices led to actual performances, of course. There were small ones involving maybe just a group of “poets”, and others that required the presence of the entire troupe such as at convocations 
or inter-college cultural shows with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Regardless of the scale of the show, we were taught that one’s input and commitment to a performance was the same. You have to give your all. Come what may, the show must go on. You learnt all these and more. Looking back, these stuff prepares you for life.

Exhausted by the rehearsals? It would surely be nothing compared to the midnight oil-burning “marathons” when one prepares for a presentation in the real world later.

Chagrined by the dancer beside you? Well, you’d had better learn to grin and not bare it onstage because your prospective business contact 20 years down the line may not be the sweetest of women.

The pointers you learnt then were just as invaluable. Zubir would spend hours explaining the theory or philosophy behind anything that you queried, selflessly sharing his deep knowledge if it would help make you more insightful. Where was I in the scheme of things, you might want to know? Zubir was the founder of Kum
pulan Harmoni, a vocal group that sang songs shaped from poetry written by luminous literary figures including the late Datuk Usman Awang, Firdaus Abdullah and Zurinah Hassan.

The members (Joei and Roslan on their acoustic guitars plus Ogie and I as vocalists) always felt special because the group was, after all, Zubir’s “baby”. Zubir played the guitar and sometimes the harmonica, and was mighty proud of us.

We used to perform at cosy and even exclusive puisi events attended by leading thespians in the country. After having heard a whole string of poems, our songs always made for a welcome break, at least that was what I thought.

Moreover, Zubir had the knack for putting even the most complicated of verses to beautiful music. One example was Firdaus’ Patricia Takamoto. Zurinah’s Sepanjang Jalan Ke Pulau Pinang was also my personal favourite.

Kumpulan Harmoni went on to release an album, Penantian, in 1981. Being in my tougher final year then, I stupidly opted out and often wondered whether Zubir had ever forgiven me.

Anyway, the title track became a hit. The group cut another album, Nyanyian Ombak, before Zubir joined Roslan Aziz Production later and was featured in the outfit’s compilation album, RAP 96 and ikhlas in 1991.

Being the trouper that he was, Zubir made a solo album titled Zubir 06. His songwriting talent was also heard in Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s latest album, Lentera Timur.

To the end, this man remained a crusader who was happy making songs out of literary works. Proof of this was when he formed Trio Harmoni two years ago (with Joei still!) to sing tunes in the same vein and verve as his other compositions.

He performed with the group at a fund-raising event, Malam Puisi Utusan Demimu Palestin, at Istana Budaya on Jan 23.

His commitment to culture and entertainment never wavered. He established Koperasi Industri Muzik Malaysia (along with some members of the Music Authors and Copyright Protection Bhd not too long ago to champion the rights of artistes and music practitioners.

Zubir is survived by his wife Faudziah Ismail and three children — Fauzul Azhan, Badiatul Adawiyah and Raihan Nurani.

To the many young minds that he has nurtured, Zubir will remain more than a memory.

Like many great teachers, he’s lit candles that no wind can put out and he has our doa that he will be in a good place...


about Aishah AF7 singing Yuna's - Dan Sebenarnya

I am hoping that aishah will do justice to this song at the concert tomoro night for the first AF7 concert. she dares to choose a not so popular song as her first performance. tabik sama lu aishah.

this is such a great song, great voice by Yuna and even more surprised to see her image, Yuna a tudung rock chick! awesome! yet undiscovered. love it. i am ordering my EP soon. more info at YUNA's myspace  

(no affiliation with me whatsoever i just thought great talent like this need our support)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

about tiara's interview with aznil and din on era fm

recorded from her phone interview with Era FM accompanied with photos taken during her AF7 Press Conference

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

about tiara menuju puncak af7

It started at home watching The 1st episode of Diari AF7 and we were suppose to leave around 945pm. I was watching the program with Dani, Mila and DSEN with the principal is still in her room getting ready.

when she walked out of her room, everyone was pleasantly surprised how stunning she looks in her red number and we were ready to leave her home for The Courtyard, Damansara for the press conference.

As we were leaving her home for her car, we chatted on how excited she is to be the new principal and we talked about plans on how to make this season of Akademi Fantasia the most memorable one and the most exciting.  And true to her style, all of her projects and endeavors has always been "the most of something"... i was enjoying the moment, sharing her vision on how she wants to transform this season of AF into something bigger and better than it is now, it is a big challenge for her as everyone knows that AF is already so BIG! but knowing her, i know she can... this lady is known for making small thing BIG in a good way... insyaallah.

making her way to her ride for the press conference, i couldn't stop thinking that this would be the most interesting AF season ever, first of all, she is now officially the 1st woman to head the faculty where 6 previous season all of them were men of industry. 

second of all, i thought to myself, with a woman with such great style, this will also be the most stylish season ever. having work with/for her since 2004, i know well that she is such a perfectionist, honestly those 12 star hopefuls don't know what they have got themselves into for this season. an exciting ride i am sure!

once in her car, she starts her usual routine, believe it or not, this lady likes to do her own make-up and it has always been like this that she likes to do her make-up in her car, i asked her, "tak takut ker doing her make up in a moving car" to which she said, " i am used to this and i can be more relax in a car".

We talked about how she wants to transform the kids of AF7 from zero to hero and more, i listened with great interest because i know she can, just look at PGLm and PRTm, some of the new stars in town such as Azrul "Cham" Zaidi, the all girl group Luscious were all in the ensemble of PGLm and PRTm, even AC Mizal big comeback was due to PGLm i dare say... and Adlin is bigger then ever after potraying Sultan Mahmud in both PGLm and PGL the movie.  she started scouting talents way before from her Kit Kat Club days with names like Sofea Jane, Aida Aris to name a few were all discovered by her. 

upon reaching the location, we parked the car far away from the venue, while both of us listened to her bodyguard communicating with AF producer waiting the green light for her to move in (apparently her appearance on the diary is coming up on air in a few moment) we talked further about how the kids and even the teachers were pleasantly surprised when she went to the academy this morning, it was a well kept secret that we managed to keep even from our Enfiniti office (they were all excited when i walk into the office this morning) and suddenly her bodyguard said it is now time to walk in... she smiled at me and said, "well chedd ... here we go!"

as she walked down the steps entering the venue, flashes of camera light clicks towards her :) we were greeted by AF7 producer and Astro Ria big boss Khairul Mizan Shagul and she stop for a photo op session before moving in to meet the rest of the press.

She stop, smiled and posed true to her style, looking gorgeous as always, well , "a principal doesn't have to look geeky ok" as she said to me earlier in the car.

like what we discussed earlier in the car, AF7 came at the right time, being just after the successful  run of PGLm season 3 recently, with 7 being her lucky number.. it is all looking good.

and guys, introducing Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, your new AF7 principal.

After the first photo session, we went straight into the venue where the rest of the press were waiting and this image was live on TV, i couldn't help to think to myself... "oh wow! garangnya baju... macam matrix pulak haha"

As we were waiting for the organizer to set up the presentation of the new Principal's 7 syarat / mission statement, Tiara was ushered aside to do her live chat with Berita Awani by Awani's most diligent entertainment reporter, Muzaffar Mustafa.

immediately after, Tiara presented to the reporters her 7 syarat/mission for this season which was the exact presentation that she presented to the teachers and the students of AF7 earlier in the morning. read more about the 7 syarat at sultan muzaffar's blog.

we ended the night around 11 as the reporter were rushing to print the story for today's new and on the side note, i must say the food at The Courtyard Damansara Heights were absolutely gorgeous! 

I was lucky enough to be with the af7 new principal, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina right from her getting ready at home, and to follow her from Puncak Ledang since 2004, and tonight , from the Puncak of her home to The Courtyard Damansara Height , menuju puncak to the Press Conference to announce her as the the AF7 principal.  

This photo collection was suppose to be uploaded immediately as she appear on Diari Akademi Fantasia but i left my Mac at home while rushing to her place... :( nevertheless, here are in chronological order, photos of her trip from home to the press conference. once again, congratulations Tiara... Transformasi AF7 bermula.

for further reading go to :

about Tiara : selepas Puncak Ledang... terus Menuju Puncak!

It's Official! Tiara Jacquelina is now the new Principal for AF7! i will update here tomorrow with a photo essay of Tiara on her way to the Press Conference announcing the new principal ! stay tune kengkawan! i baru jer balik dari press conference tu, nak transfer gambar gambar dulu... bersedia untuk transfomasi baru AF7!
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