Friday, June 29, 2007

about the Bootcamp, kawan lama, Afiq AF5 and Ayi

Been so busy the last few days... today marks the 3rd day i am in the StarMaker bootcamp. it's been fun so far but what's dreadful to think about is that at the end of this 2 weeks bootcamp will be an exam of sort... an "audition" so to speak... aiyo!
First day was a bit of a shock for most of us because we were trying to get use to new people and trainers... some that we have worked and known with before while some are totally new to us. but this is the real life... you bound to meet new people and make new friends.
Day two was even more fun but menyeksakan badan!... biasalah, Mr. Pat Ibrahim in the house... walaupun ianya menyeksakan badan, it was FUN and WORTH every sweats sebab memang best. We did the chorus choreography for Titah Sultan. nasib baik saya, zeqhty, Megat and Abang Talif masih ingat lagi step step itu. Saya memang love Pat and his sessions sebab i must thank Pat Ibrahim for making me loose 10 kgs during PGLm. cant wait to work with him again.

Day three sebentar tadi was also another fun night sebab we all had a session with Sean Ghazi... seronok sebab we all dapat try to emulate his steps and choreography in Miss Saigon when we did The American Dream. we have to sing and dance to the tune and the choreography. I am glad that i took this challenge to join the bootcamp tapi thinking about the exam at the end of the sessions buat saya shiver seluruh badan.... hmmm i hate exams...
Dalam pada itu, last monday semasa saya di PJ's IT mall doing some "check cleared" computer shopping spree, jumpa miss sabrina Hassan yang sedang sarat mengandung tu (congrats dear) malu sangat nak ambil gambar sampai tutup muka... then later terserempak dengan Jessie, my co-host masa buat Goolies Game Show kat 8TV dulu... seronok juga jumpa kawan lama berborak sakan. lama juga kami berborak...
Dalam pada tu semalam dapat info dari Afiq AF5 yang dia akan berada di Genting Sabtu ini dan di Jaya Jusco Seremban jam 4 petang pada Ahad Julai 1hb nanti.
As an update to my previous post, my brother sudah released from hospital although he wont be able to work for 2 months after the operation masuk besi and what not, i am glad that he's gonna be fine. baru beberapa hari lepas dia dah boleh gerak jari jemari dia. thanks guys for the prayers.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

about disturbing news

Received a disturbing news from my brother Amin (no 3 : yusmin) that our brother Ayi (no 4 : yusri) got involved in an accident today.

From the information i gathered from him, Ayi's motorbike smashed into a house after avoiding an oncoming motorbike and fractured his left elbow badly. According to Amin, the doctor said the chances of his left arm recovering is 50-50. Ayi got transfered from Kuala Lipis Hospital (small town hospital) just now to Temerloh Hospital (bigger hospital with better facilities)for immediate operation to his fractured elbow.

I hope and pray hard Ayi will recover soon as his job in Lipis gold mine which pays him really well, depends on his ability to do hard works especially with his hands. I was wondering why did he decided to take his motorbike instead of his car today. but then again it's god's willing and hope he'll be ok soon (ayi's engaged and plans to get married soon).

I'll be off line from the web for a few days as I'll be in my good old kampung Kuala Lipis for Ayi. please pray for Ayi's fast recovery and Thank You in advance.

about Musical Theatre Bootcamp...

The team that brought you Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (PGLM) is putting together a Musical Theatre Workshop, bringing you experiences from individuals and personalities who have made Malaysian musical theatre something to be proud of.

STARMAKER: Musical Theatre Bootcamp, the brainchild of Tiara Jacquelina, is looking to deepen and to create more musical theatre talent in the country.

Among the personalities and talents sharing their knowledge for the bootcamp will be Tiara Jacquelina herself, Pat Ibrahim (dancer /choreographer behind the dance scenes for PGL the Musical and currently a judge on So You Think You Can Dance), Zahim Albakri (award winning director/performer for PGL the Musical and recent Award winner for Best Direction in PGL the Musical). The team will also include Reza Zainal Abidin (director/Lecturer/performer and two time Boh Cameronian Award winner for group performance in Spilt Gravy on Rice and Second Link ) and Sean Ghazi (recent AIM award winner, Best New Artist 2007 and Malaysia's West End Ambassador with starring roles in Miss Saigon, Rent and The King and I).

The bootcamp will be taking a look at, among other things, 'Unmasking' for Performers, Song Interpretation for the Body, Basic Acting Techniques, How To 'Sell a Song' and Audition Techniques. Participants can expect solid work and challenges as dancers, singers and actors, in order create in themselves the fundamentals required in a performer.

STARMAKER: Musical Theatre Bootcamp is due to start on the 26th of June 2007 and end on the 8th of July 2007. Participants may be naturally talented individuals who wish to sharpen their skills and abilities. Individuals may have professional or non-professional stage experience. Being a musical theatre bootcamp, participants should have some singing ability.

Dates for classes : 26th June - 8th July 2007
(Tuesdays to Sundays for two consecutive weeks)

Venue : Ten on Ten Studios, Ampang Point, Kuala Lumpur

Fee for the whole programme: RM900 per participant. Limited spaces only.

For information and details please contact: Harim / Hana at 03-7958 7877 or e-mail to

Friday, June 15, 2007

about comments on URMI... updated!

URMI no MORE!!! aiyo my daily routine now sudah kacau!!! i want to be on stage again! ! it's been great but my only wish is that more people would be able to enjoy it as much as i enjoyed being on-stage. anyway, here are some of the comments (mostly personal) that i got from frens, viewers and fellow bloggers : read on...

What i like about this URMI, was that they integrate Bali, Indian, Malay and Chinese elements, as well as Java. The characters and the storyline were all presented following the Shakespeare's original work, but other elements were tweaked and tuned, fused in the current setting where the presentation is being held; Asia. I think the director Sabera Shaik has done a really good job. If i have given a chance to present The Tempest for another time, i would like to follow her path. All in all, i would rate this production 5 upon 5. Cheers! Lekays (Blog Post)

The opening scene was gorgeous... the choreography depicting the rough sea were very surreal. The show got a little bit draggy when the dialogues became longer. My only consolation during the show was watching my friends performing. Chedd sang a song and move very well in his role. I think Samantha Schubert were brilliant! She has the best diction among all. Jeremy Xander Thinking for the think tank

i went to IB last wk end just to see yu performm... even ngan muka ala tepung gomak hahaha sorry... i still can recognize yu... best sgtt... terhiburr... i paling suka part bali scene, kecak tak silap ya.... but sorry la penat sgt balik dr morib sampai tak larat dahh... hahaha... awayy gitu... layan je la.... anyhow, urmi was not bad....tahniah to yu...
stabuxguy (posted comment)

jujurnya, saya teruja sebab si chedd dan err, siapa sorang lagi, ermm.... samantha. ya samantha schubert. stabuxguy

good show...cuma sound system ada kureng skit la bro...and mic pun ada yg problem gak... but one thing....u were great bro!! p/s....tunggu nak tgk remy pulak... harman (posted comment)

it was a surprise to see you acting in URMI. And you sure were good. BRAVO! Xis (posted comment)

What made “Urmi” different is the way it was directed. The production team had adopted Oriental elements adopted into this play. Hence, audience would find there were "Kecak" Dance and belly dance among all. However, this play was still in English. Overall, it was an entertaining play and worth seeing. Bila Pena menari

It was a great show. full of awesome moments. the opening sequence was BEAUTIFUL! pity the marketing aspect didn't reach the standard of the show. Viewers turn outs was not that encouraging although the show was superb. The production should sack the marketing people. Julie Ang (email)

Great performance bro! wish more people would come and watch. congratulations! Alan Tan (sms text msg)

Love watching how "mabuk" you were on stage LOL! When u 1st came on stage with that song, i thought... WOW! Good job and tell Samantha that sho looks good on stage. Her movement was fluid! I forgot that she is NOT 15 years old! Melissa Tan (email)

These are some personal messages i got here and on my mobile. so there u have it guys, 3 more shows to go. i heard rumours Saturday is pack. but there's still tonight and sunday matinee show. do drop by and do text me (my number is at the right panel in this blog) if u come and i'll come over and say hello after the show.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

about Dafi and his FC

Got a message from Dafi yesterday
I'm having a perjumpaan with my FC this 16 hari bln... at perkarangan stadium putra bukit jalil.. kul 2-5.. come la if ur free
replied to him i can't (although i really wish i can go) sebab ada kerja. i have to be in Istana Budaya by 4pm to get ready for URMI and prior to that i have something to do with berkaitan dengan My name Is Remy. minta maf tak dapat join tapi i dah promise kat Dafi i'll post about the gathering here... so here's the info :

Sebagai tanda penghargaan Dafi kepada semua Dafinites atas sokongan yang tidak berbelah bagi....sepanjang Dafi berada di AF5 dan kerjayanya sebagai penyanyi kelak, pihak Dafi dan keluarga dengan kerjasama AJK sementara Dafi FC ingin membuat pengumuman rasmi ini.

Bagi pihak Dafi dan keluarga dengan kerjasama AJK Sementara Dafi FAN CLUB dengan segala hormatnya menjemput Semua Dafinites ke Majlis "Mesra Bersama Dafi" yang akan diadakan seperti berikut :

TARIKH : 16 JUN 2007 (SABTU)
MASA : 2.00 - 5.00 PETANG

Jangan lepaskan peluang sessi autograph & bergambar bersama Dafi. Jualan tshirt & topi juga akan dijual pada majlis tersebut. Kaunter penyemakan keahlian juga akan dibuka
Sekian. Harap maklum.
more infos on the event here

Friday, June 08, 2007

about URMI this saturday...

Alamak... lama betul tak berBlog kat sini... semua ini gara gara URMI / Tempest karya Shakespeare yang akan dipentaskan di Istana Budaya bermula Sabtu ini. Saya tersangat sangat busy... dah beberapa hari balik lewat dan terpaksa kerja masa yang panjang. but i am not complaining cuma rindu untuk memblog.
Hari ini semua orang macam orang gila dibuatnya kerana kami ada Technical Run. Bagi sesiapa yang tahu apa itu Tech-run, tentu faham dengan aturcara bagi tech-run untuk sesuatu persembahan pentas. lebih lebih lagi bagi persembahan yang seperti ini di Istana Budaya dimana pentasnya bergerak kedepan, belakang, atas, bawah. Setiap babak (act) harus dilakukan secara terperinci supaya semua berjalan lancar semasa persembahan. PGL sahaja mengambil masa 3-4 hari untuk buat tech-run.
Bila dah masing masing tired, biasalah. macam macam jenis perangai yang sebelum ini tak pernah nampak ... semua keluar... ada yang jadi siul sekejap, ada yang tetiba senyap, macam macam lah... kelakar pun ada. semuanya kerana masing masing dah letih. Bermula awal hari, saya baru sahaja pulang sampai kerumah. semua orang dah betul betul beat, letih. Yang letihnya, menunggu. Kena jaga energy masing masing. Kena tahu macammana nak conserve energy.
Hari ini juga hari pertama kami semua merasa pentas sebenar selepas 3 bulan berlatih di tempat tempat latihan yang merata rata di Kuala Lumpur. Baru hari ini dapat rasa berlakun diatas set yang direka Raja Malek (yang juga Pereka set PGL), Baru dapat rasa berlakun didalam tata rias cahaya oleh Mac Chan (Juga dari PGL). tetapi belum dapat rasa puas lagi sebab kami belum dapat buat run-thru atau dress rehearsal yang kami jangka dapat kami buat hari ini (Jumaat).
Kerana kali pertama berlakun diatas set sebenar... banyak benda yang biasa kami lakukan kini berubah, posisi/blocking berubah, penyampaian dialog berubah, koreografi berubah, semata mata kerana untuk menyesuaikan keadaan di set yang ada. Kesian pulak aku tengok Puan director, Stage manager and assistants, fellow actors, Syed mustafa yang berlari lari keliling stage membetulkan tarian anak anak buah dengan baju serigalanya (yang saya curi pakai sekejap) dan ensemble yang betul betul sabar hari ini...
Gembira rasanya dapat kembali ke pentas Istana Budaya setelah kali terakhir disana bulan Ogos tahun lepas untuk PGLm. tak sabar nak perform.
Jangan lupa datang tengok. Kalau anda ada majalah KLUe keluaran terbaru, ada diskaun 20% untuk tiket.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

mesti dengar : Kaer "menjelma"

Saya berjanji beberapa hari lepas untuk review album Kaer, maafkan kerana agak lambat sedikit kerana agak sibuk dengan kerja. apa apa pun ... review menjelma kini menjelma...
This is what i do setiap kali saya putarkan CD menjelma dari Kaer, saya akan terus putarkan lagu track nombor 7, kau Telefon lagi, kenapa? sebab saya suka cara Kaer bermain dengan perkataan Gila dan Lagi. lagi lagi lah. it has a very nice r&b groove to it lagi lagilah lagu seperti ini kurang di pasaran dimana kebanyakan yang ada kebiasaannya lagu cinta meleleh... cuma saya rasa kureng siket semasa part rapping dimana the rap can be longer and better.
Kenapa saya bercerita tentang track 7 dahulu? kerana inilah track yang paling saya gemar dalam album pertama kaer kerana lagu ini segar dan sedap halwa telinga mendengar membuat kaki saya selalu bergerak, saya ingin menari bersama. seterusnya lagu kedua yang akan saya dengar ialah lagu track pertama iaitu menjelma. lagu ini juga merupakan lagu rancak dan saya rasa ianya memang layak sekali menjadi track pengenalan kerana seperti juga Kau Telefon Lagi, lagu ini juga mempunyai groove yang bagus menampilkan beat yang cukup dancy tetapi beralir nusantara yang unik. liriknya juga cukup simple tetapi asyik, senang untuk menyanyi bersama. adunan Audi Mok juga sedikit sebanyak membantu membawa arah lagu lagu berentak rancak album ini.
selepas lagu ini baru saya akan membawa telinga saya mendengar lagu Izin Ku Pergi. sebenarnya saya kurang minat akan lagu ini pertama kali saya dengarkan lagu ini, too januari (glenn) or too Kaulah Segalanya (hasrul nizam) tetapi Video clip lagu ini yang digarap oleh Ghaz benar benar menukar pendirian saya pada lagu ini. feel lagu ini keluar sekali dengan video ini. ada ketika bulu roma saya berdiri. bukan senang untuk dapatkan feel begitu. syabas Kaer.
Ada dua tiga lagu lain yang saya minati seperti ku Tak Ingin Bebas yang cukup Disconya, juga satu lagi lagu Disco mama Said yang agak serupa dengan lagu Michael Jackson zaman mamat tu gelap lagi (wanna be startin somethin). Cuma lagu ballad album ini kureng mengancam sket ... mungkin track 8 Hilangnya Cinta yang sedap dilayan setelah mendengarnya berkali kali. Cuma saya rasa feel album ini terlalu indonesian . Tiada salah kerana bagi membawakan lagu lagu genre pop r&b, cara penyampaian perlu jelas dan diction yang terang . Ada feel sama yang saya dapat sama seperti album Glenn Fredly atau Rio Febrian. Cuma saya rasa lirik seperti jangan pernah kau kesali lebih enak kalau berbunyi Jangan sampai kau kesali atau jangan pula kau kesali . Penggunaan PERNAH agak indonesian tapi kalau Kaer target nak jual kat sana, no problem. actually it is ok to me cuma kekadang saya terlupa yang saya sedang mendengar adik melayu kita yang empunya album.
ok, sebelum saya melalut lebih lebih mengenai lagu lagu yang ada, kira cerita bab keseluruhan album. Saya suka akan pemilihan lagu bagi album ini kerana pada saya agak cukup sekali pembahagian lagu ballad dan up-tempo tracks dan penyusunan lagu lagu ini juga baik cuma saya rasa kalau ditambah lagi track track nya mungkin lebih bagus. mungkin kalau kaer ingin re-package album ini, lagu Kini juga harus dimasukkan sekali dan mungkin juga beberapa track minus one dan juga video clip Izin Ku Pergi bakal membuat album ini menarik. packaging album ini juga menarik cukup dengan gaya dan gambar serta lirik dan format besar ala DVD juga menjadi format yang agak menarik minat pembeli. Cuma saya takut kehilangan risalah lirik yang dilampirkan kerana tiada slot sesuai untuk disimpan.
secara keseluruhan album ini bagus kerana agak current dan releven dengan umur dan genre Kaer. Tidak rugi kaer melabur wang yang banyak dan menunggu masa yang agak lama untuk melahirkan album ini kerana waktunya sesuai sekali. Saya jangka dengan album ini, peminat Kaer akan bertambah kerana kualiti album ini cukup bagus, tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan ianya lebih baik dari sesetengah rakan seMaestro yang lain ( tak kiralah dari musim yang mana) dan tidak rugi wang yang dilaburkan Kaer dan wang yang dikeluarkan pembeli. all the best to Kaer.
4 out of 5 stars
Sesuai untuk peminat pop, dance, r&b / anuar zain, glenn, marcell

Friday, June 01, 2007

about audition for My Name Is Remy...

Wanna be a part of Datin Seri Tiara's Enfiniti Production's new musical?

My Name Is Remy (P.Ramlee The Musical) which will be staging soon under the direction of Zahim, Adlin and choreography by Pat Ibrahim is currently having an audition for the ensemble.

If you think you can dance, act and sing, make your way to

Istana Budaya Jalan Tun Razak KL (registration :media room)
today to Sunday (1st till 3rd June 2007)
from 11am till 5pm

and show them what you have :)

And on another note, saya tengah geram tahap gaban sekarang sebab tak dapat join 2 acara penting hari ini... perlancaran dan Aizat family gathering kedua duanya bakjal berlangsung di KLCC malam nanti sebab terikat dengan sessi latihan URMI. takpe lah... takde rezeki. kalau tak boleh gaks saya update kat sini... takpelah. tapi geram jugak, termasuk 2 acara ini dah 4 acara penting melibatkan AF5 telah saya tolak, nak buat camna... kerja tetap time...
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