Saturday, December 26, 2009

about Hari Natal

for those kengkawan who celebrate xmas... merry xmas and for the rest, happy holiday peeps! let it snow LET IT NOW let it snow

tingtong sebab kena kerja time you all bercuti...

so saya gila gila saja record this video in my office for you all, so forgive for the low quality sound and images hehehe...

happy holiday peeps... miss you all .. muah muah muah

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

about This Is IT

A dear friend of mine wrote this on face book and i thought i want to share it with you all here.

What a concert it would have been.

At the age of 50, the man could still move and groove, and the man could still sing. Boo to all the naysayers and the scathing critics. He could shimmy up a storm and heat up the stage leaving the dancers, more than half his age, agog. And this was only during rehearsal.

When he announced in April his comeback swansong 50 concerts in London, I checked out the online sales site, entertaining the idea of flying to London to catch this. But the amount of 300 sterling pounds was beyond my reach, as it didn’t even include the airfare. Even my friend, Stephen, a star who lives in London, said it was too expensive for him. Ah well, I’ll wait for the DVD of the concert, I placated myself. But even that was not to be.

Not long after reeling from the shock of his death, I jumped on the internet again on the day the tickets for “This Is It” went on sale and grabbed the maximum number of tickets allowed. Never mind who they were for, I knew these tickets would be hot. The skeptics laughed at my excitement. Like I cared. And the documentary didn’t disappoint.

The concert film, a collection of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage, captured his professionalism, his attention to detail, his patience, his love for his art, the performer extraordinaire he is, and why he is the King of Pop. He knew every beat, swoosh, bang and padumph of every inch and corner of his songs, evident while he was rehearsing with the musical director, telling him to play it “exactly how I wrote them”. Never the diva, he would explain ever so softly how he wanted it played, interspersing, his scats and beat boxing with imagery such as “let it simmer”, “let it brew”, “let it bask in the moonlight” in reference to a pause in the music, to the cadence of a note. When something didn’t go as they had planned, or if he wanted it changed back to the way it was, there were no tantrums or screaming, ubiquitous with lesser talents, he’d simply say, “that’s why we have rehearsals”. “Love” was a word peppered frequently whenever mistakes occurred or when he sensed tension. Of course he knew he was being filmed, but this was hours and hours of footage. How much of a façade can one have.

It’s not often that the star of the show would thank his crew and support team, let alone even acknowledge them. Michael Jackson thanked them effusively and sincerely, in a circle, with all involved linking hands. Corny to some, but for stage performers, this moment is vital just before an opening. And it was evident that all involved, had great respect for his talent and his meticulousness.

The film showed how the stage was not just for him. During the rehearsal of Dirty Diana, he egged guitarist Orianthi, to play her highest note and to hold it saying, “This is your moment to shine.” There were many moments when his dancers and backup singers would have shone and he made those moments for them like the Jerome Robbins-like silhouette of dancers against the city skyline for “The Way You Make Me Feel”, the film noir “Smooth Criminal” or when his dancers were “toasted” onto stage. His Chaplinesque “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” portrayed his more poignant yet playful side. As they jammed it into a blues dialogue, he directed his backup singer, Judith Hill, in her every move, letting her take the stage. Very few performers would be as magnanimous. What followed rapturous applause for the duet was the only time he got into a mood, and even then barely, as he told off his musicians for letting him “really sing” as he was supposed to preserve his voice. It must have been difficult for the musicians to let the moment slide and not jam along with his improvisation. During rehearsals, stars often simply go through the motions, a dance move would be shown through a hand gesture, steps would be tried out by a walk or a small jog across the stage, saving the actual move for the real show. Michael performed every rehearsal. So, watching this rehearsal footage was close to watching a show. A spin was not just a hand twirl, he did the 360 again and again.

Like the eponymous, best-selling ever Thriller which set a new standard in music videos, this concert would have set a new benchmark for theatrical shows, one which would have been impossible to match, given the power of his hits. This would certainly have been It.

More than 20 years ago, I learnt to moonwalk, body pop, slide, spin, do isolations with the shoulders, the head, the chest, jerked the robot, thrust my pelvis with conviction and punctuate the beat by grabbing parts of my anatomy, by watching and imitating Michael Jackson. We learnt every move in Thriller, snapped our fingers and swung our hip to the side in Beat It and shoved our arm out while yelling at full throttle in front of every air vent. No car park was ever the same again after Bad. I don’t know about my fellow dancers, but my knees have given way, my muscles no longer flex and stretch as they used to, my feet can’t do the inward-outward moves quickly enough to create the illusion of floating on a cloud, but Michael still could…even at 50.

MJ always wanted to be a legend. He couldn't have planned it better. He was still physically fit, at least fitter than any 50, no, 40-year-old I know. His death was certainly untimely. It wasn’t fair. But perhaps it’s better that he left when he did. When he still could.

-Norenshah Sahari

Thanks Noren for sharing your thoughts with us. view the original post here

Monday, October 19, 2009

about Cuci baju Beyonce

As first reported by SM on his blog and the Star Malaysia it seems our country would definately wont be seeing any artist from abroad sebab semua takut nak masuk sini.... but then again like what someone pointed on one of his tweet, denda kalau Beyonce pakai baju terdedah nya cuma RM3000 jer hmmm... entah lah.

Apa apa pun , since Beyonce postpone/cancel her tour apa kata kita ramai ramai amik balik duit refund tu and serbu Istana Budaya and support our own artists watch Cuci the Musical!

I had the pleasure to take Akim and Aril last week to Istana Budaya to watch the rehearsal and i must say I AM PROUD AND BANGGA AND TERUJA AND JEALOUS sebab the show is going to be SUPERB! a lot of my friends and team from P Ramlee The Musical and Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical is working on this Cuci project, Dato Zahim is directing it, Stephen Rahman-Hughes is choreographing it as well as doing the vocal coaching, Cik Lek is the set designer, the back stage team also our kawan kawan yang buat PGLM and P Ramlee... and seronok tengok rehearsal because they have a good story and is funny to watch!

CUCI The Musical will be at Istana Budaya from October 23rd - Nov 8th 2009

Ticket available from Axcess Tickets

jom ramai ramai serbu ISTANA BUDAYA instead!
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Monday, October 05, 2009

about rompakan bermotor dan parang panjang (public reminder)

saya post blog ni sebagai peringatan keada kengkawan semua lebih berhati hati tak kira dimana anda berada.

Hari ini kawan saya dirompak dengan diacukan parang panjang...

kejadian berlaku berhampiran bank islam jalan ss14/22 pj semasa kawan saya menunggu saya menjemputnya selepas beliau habis kuliah petang tadi dalam jam lebih kurang 4 lebih, kawan saya didatangi dua lelaki bermotor yang berlagak seperti sesat untuk bertanya arah kepada beliau dengan bertanyakan dimana arah untuk ke Jalan Kelang Lama, kawan saya yang bukan org KL (part-time U student) memberitahu yang beliau kurang pasti dan dua lelaki tersebut berlalu kearah belakang bangunan sebelum muncul kembali bersama sebilah parang panjang lalu mengacu kearah kawan saya dan memaksanya untuk menyerahkan beg galas yang berisi komputer ribanya.

kawan saya cuba melawan salah seorang dari perompak tersebut melibas libas serta cuba menetak parangnya dan parang tersebut terkena lengan kiri kawan saya sebelum dia melepaskan beg komputer yang digalasnya dan perompak tersebut menyambar handphone kawan saya yang pada ketika itu berada ditangannya. kedua perompak tersebut kemudian melarikan diri.

video yang anda lihat ini adalah aksi perompak gelap bermotor honda merah melarikan diri dari tempat kejadian yang dirakamkan oleh satu satunya saksi kejadian, iaitu seorang gadis yangkebetulan berada dikawasan tersebut tetapi beliau tidak dapat berbuat apa apa kerana takut.

saya tiba ditempat kejadian 5 minit kemudian dan video ini dibluetoothkan kepada saya oleh gadis tersebut untuk dibawa buat laporan polis tetapi tidak dapat berbuat apa apa kerana imejnya yang kurang jelas.

apabila kami sampai dibalai polis sea park untuk membuat laporan, ada seorang lelaki cina sedang membuat laporan dirompak dengan diacukan parang panjang keperutnya dan memberitahu yang wallet beliau dirompak oleh 2 lelaki gelap bermotor honda merah juga di ss14, apabila ditanya kami dan polis membuat kesimpulan bahawa rompakan dilakukan oleh 2 perompak yang sama dengan modus operandi yang sama iaitu dengan bertanya arah jalan ke kelang lama kerana sesat.

lelaki cina tersebut dirompak wallet dan kawan saya pula dirompak komputer riba dan handphonenya. alhamdulillah nyawa mereka selamat dan wallet kawan saya masih dengannya.

petang tadi saya bawa dia membuat laporan polis di sea park, kemudian ke IPD PJ bertemu inspektor untuk laporan kedua dan kemudian ke hospital universiti untuk membuat pemeriksaan serta mendapatkan ubat tahan sakit serta utk dicucuk ubat kerana dilukakan dengan parang.

saya harap anda semua berhati hati , jalan bersama kawan yang ramai dan sentiasa peka. kalau terkena, bagi sahaja harta anda kerana harta boleh kita ganti tapi nyawa hanya satu.

alhamdulillah kawan saya hanya cedera ringan cuma sekarang ada kesan libas, sedikit lebam dan sakit berdenyut denyut.

ingat kengkawan semua. hati hati ok!

kesan libasan . alhamdulillah sikit sahaja.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

about being sooo quiet!

wow, lama sungguh saya tak merapu atau bercerita disini... last past was in july, rasanya ramai juga yang dah tak return balik here... takpe, saya disini nak minta maaf sebab sunyi begitu lama, kebelkangan ini sangat sibuk dengan kerja. insyaalah saya akan lebih rajin merapu kat sini. tengah ting tong nih!

kalau yang biasa dengan saya di facebook tentu tahu yang saya masih aktif merapu... sekarang ini banyak projek mendatang insyaalah akan saya updatekan soon ok

salam dan selamat hari raya!

Monday, July 20, 2009

About Ju Rami Rami di Kuching this weekend! JOM Ramai Ramai pergi!

Ju Rami-Rami Reunion!

For the first time Kuching will see all the finalists for the Akademi Fantasia season 7 at a special AF7 Reunion Concert.

To make this concert even more special, a 2-day carnival “JU RAMI-RAMI” will be held at Padang Merdeka, Kuching on Friday 24th July and Saturday 25th July 2009. The carnival starts at 2.30pm until 11.00pm on both days.

“JU RAMI-RAMI” carnival will have booths set up by Hotlink, Hafiz Fan Club, Sarawak Tourism & SEDC, Modenas, and the organizer itself, Enfiniti Productions. There will also be booths for food and refreshments.

Highlights of the JU RAMI-RAMI carnival programme on Friday 24th July are Quizzes & Games with a chance to win exciting gifts and hampers, and a Sneak Peek of the AF Reunion Concert rehearsals.

On the second day of the JU RAMI-RAMI carnival, Hafiz, the AF7 winner, will be making an appearance at the Hafiz Fan Club booth.

So, if you are in Kuching on Friday 24th July and Saturday 25th July, bring your family and friends and head on down to Padang Merdeka for a fun-filled 2-day JU RAMI-RAMI Carnival, and a great opportunity to catch your favourite AF7 stars!

Friday, July 03, 2009

about THIS IS IT - Michael Jackson last Rehearsal (23/06/09)

as revealed by CNN, this is one of the released footage by AEG the concert promoter for Michael's This Is It concert and he appeared to be alive and kicking. he might not be as 100% energetic but hey, it's rehearsal and we as season performers ourselves do sometimes tends to relax a bit and we have to remember, this man was 50 during this rehearsal.

Apparently they recorded a full rehearsal 2 weeks earlier and i am sure it will soon be on DVD.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

on another note, a dear friend passed away to be with the angels peacefully shortly before 2 am this morning after a battle of cancer. dear IM, you have brought joy to our life with your smile and funny jokes and one-liners... we shall miss that and we shall miss you. rest well now and dont worry, we will all take care of your P for you. P, be strong we all love you.

R.I.P. IM...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

about Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

this is my all time no 1 fav Michael @ mikaeel's song and this has got to be the best performance of this song ever... now before some of you say "miming" try watch closely especially towards the end of this song. i remember watching this somewhere when i was in school and i was truly in awe at the power of his vocal and performance in this song. may Allah bless you Mikaeel

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

about coming soon : Angkasa

cepat!... aku tengah cepatlah ni! hahahaha betul betul betul

Saturday, June 20, 2009

about twikini - twitter on your mobile

twitter: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140
characters, displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. -

I love to tweet but i am also lazy to do it every time on the main twitter page... in the end, i hardly tweet but i guess that soon will change! i'll tell you why...

After setting up my twitter tweets to link and automatically update my facebook's status, i was trying to find a way to tweet as often as i can but soon i realize i was to lazy to do it on as i am just plain busy but friends been bugging me to tweets (not that i am that famous hahaha) ... then while browsing for softwares for my Windows Mobile, i found Twikini! which allows me to update my twitter that is automatically linked to my Facebook status as and when and where i like it on the go on my Windows Mobile!

Twikini will update your Fav feeds in the background and it looks like Twikini is set to be the best twitter software for the Windows Mobile in the market... Twikini has great integration with Windows media, GPS and TwitPics. Twikini is compatible with all Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1 mobile phones both touch or non touch and you can either try the software for it's 14 days trial or you can pay for as much as USD$9.95 for a business license or USD$4.95 for personal license or even for FREE! (yes i said FREE! legally FREE!)

OK, so you like to tweet... and you own a Windows Mobile device, why not give it a try-lah!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

about Filipino Boys dance single ladies

i did say in my previous blog that would be the last one but i cannot ignore this one... haha so cute!

about Beyonce 100 Single Ladies Flash-Dance Piccadilly Circus, London for Trident Unwrapped

ok last one for today...

about Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) AFRICAN REMIX!!!

ha... this one is good too hehe

about Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies

not a fan but what the heck... this is fun to watch :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

about hafiz and gang singing masih jelas

taken at a private surprise party last night , same one as Aril's toksik video... dah minta consent to upload dah hehehe

recorded for someone yang minat kat hafiz huhuhu

if you cant see this , it might be because you dont have facebook kut... originally posted on my facebook

at 1.51 ada tetiba komen keluar "nyanyi lagu apa ni???"  and at 2.18 tetiba si aril plak masuk nyanyi! and at 3.20 jugak hahaha

about aril singing toksik just for you hehe

taken by klubbkidd

photo by afif azizan's facebook

something that i recorded for someone who is crazy for aril... this is the video so she can sleep tight after watching this hehehe jangan takut ... kat belakang tu hafiz hehehe

Sunday, May 24, 2009

about cutest birthday wish i got this year

woke up today to numerous emails, sms, mms and wall posts on facebook makes me smile although i AM 34 and officially OLD! so old that even with a copy paste function, my fingers are tired replying to each and every wishes but even so, i am happy! THANKS a lot GUYS! LOVE YOU ALL!

hahaha but this mms makes my day! this video came from my dearest friend in nibong tebal featuring his 2 daughters, adrifah adros and afriena adros.

"happy birthday to you
makan ubi kayu
uncle cium bontot lembu
lembu kata thank you!"


Sunday, May 17, 2009

about AF7 : abis sudah musim 7 !

semasa majlis penyerahan pulang bekas pelajar AF7 kepada Keluarga di Akademi pagi tadi.

Congratulations buat Hafiz, Aril, Akim, Yazid dan Isma sebab dapat bertahan selama 10 minggu dan buat persembahan sebaik mungkin malam tadi juga tahniah buat Hafiz sebab menjadi juara. bangga sebab dapat pernah berkerja ngan Hafiz dan yang lain lain. selamat datang ke dunia sebenar dan ujian sebenar anda menjadi Artis! semoga lebih berjaya. nanti saya uploadkan video ucapan dari mereka berlima nanti.

Ini pula gambar pertama saya dan Hafiz selepas habis konsert semalam.

More photos here : Koleksi AF7 part 1 , Koleksi AF7 Part 2 , Koleksi AF7 hari terakhir di akademi semuanya di Facebook Album saya

Sunday, May 03, 2009

about AF7 week 8 bangga dengan Hafiz dan Isma

tak perlulah saya nak pukul canang lagi... tengok je mereka berdua... bangga dengan mereka berdua! AFUNDI! 

Apa apa pun saya nak jelaskan disini tentang komen yang saya dengar mengatakan  mereka ini masih tidak dapat lari dari bayangan asal penyanyi ori lagu lagu ini. untuk isma, ada juga yang berkata yang Isma berbunyi seperti Datuk Siti didalam mulanya cinta... saya nak tanya, part mana yang macam siti itu? sesungguhnya Isma sudah membawa dengan gayanya tersendiri dan pemahaman tentang watak Azizah seperti yang kami praktis semasa dalam kelas. 

Azizah watak enigma yang kita tak tau banyak mengenainya, jadi apa yang saya tekankan pada Isma didalam sessi kami ialah untuk mencari dalam dirinya , dimana letaknya Azizah dan paling saya tekankan pada mereka berdua adalah emosi... pada mereka saya beritahu, emosi yang hendak dipakai, untuk menjadikannya cantik nampak real dan tidak dibuat buat ialah untuk mencari cerita sendiri, pengalaman sendiri untuk digunakan sebagai pemangkin emosi yang digunakan dalam lagu... saya tidak mahu tahu pengalaman mana yang mereka gunakan untuk persembahan kerana itu rahsia dan tool mereka dan saya rasa mereka berjaya. 

Kalau nak ikutkan emosi skrip sahaja, itu tidak cukup kerana ini bukan cerita mereka... guna cerita sendiri baru nampak jujur. 

Begitu juga Hafiz, ada yang berkata tidak cukup kerana semasa verse kedua nada rendah "dimana kan ku cari ganti..." hafiz kedengaran seperti "meniru suara P.Ramlee dan kenapa nak meniru penyanyi asal..." . perlu saya tekankan ini teater muzikal ... bukan persembahan pop. untuk teater muzikal, dimana wataknya itu berpandukan kepada seorang figure yang kita kenal dan ada reference, Hafiz perlu paling tidak, tunjukkan sedikit P Ramlee itu kerana itu keperluan watak. kalau nak diikutkan pada saya , P Ramlee dalam Hafiz belum cukup sempurna tetapi penghayatan dan penceritaannya itu pada saya cukup dan cantik untuk membawa emosi kesedihannya. saya bangga dengan mereka berdua. ya betul kalau nyanyi pop kena lari dari penyanyi asal tetapi ini teater muzikal dimana dia melakonkan watak Ramlee... jadi paling tidak, kena ada P.Ramleeness itu didalam penyampaian. 

Dan saya rasa, Hafiz dan Isma berjaya memberikan persembahan yang cukup cantik malam tadi walaupun saya ada sedikit masaalah dengan pacing dialog mereka yang ada ketika agak meleret, apa apa pun ... saya bagi standing ovation pada mereka kerana menyahut cabaran membuat sesuatu yang kebiasaannya mengambil masa 3-4 bulan untuk berlatih... jangan marah ini pendapat sahaja.

about AF7 week8

hmmm... kengkawan dah taukan sapa terkeluar... tetapi ada pulak AFMASUK! hmmm yang ini nanti kita cerita kemudian sebeb saya sendiri tengah blur blur nih... apa apa pun, saya nak ucapkan tahniah kepada ke enam enam pelajar minggu ini... mereka berenam sudahpun mencapai satu tahap yang perlu dibanggakan sebenarnya. kerana untuk membuat tugasan yang mereka semua lakukan minggu ini, pada kebiasaannya memerlukan paling tidak 3 minggu tetapi mereka berenam berjaya melakukan dengan jayanya dalam masa 3-4 hari sahaja (tolak khamis hari persembahan depan fakulti dan jumaat hari rehearsal)

Tetapi apa apa pun saya amat berbangga dengan mereka berenam. dan paling saya teruja dengan persembahan hafiz dan Isma untuk P Ramlee the Musical, kenapa? sebab it is close to my heart. kenapa saya sangat teruja dengan Hafiz dan Isma, ianya akan saya jelaskan diakhir perenggan ini dan seterusnya... minggu ini seperti yang anda sedia maklum, mereka diberi tugasan berat untuk 3 naskah muzikal hebat dan selain tunjuk ajar dari fakulti serta pengalaman belajar 8 minggu, memandangkan tugasan yang berat ini, mereka ditolong oleh kami yang biasa berkerja di pentas muzikal. Dato' Zahim AlBakri ditugaskan sebagai mentor buat semua 6 pelajar dan juga menjadi pengarah buat persembahan Akim dan Claudia untuk Puteri Gunung ledang The Musical. Ahmad Idham mengarah Yazid dan Aishah untuk Impak Maksima The Muzikal, dan tugasan untuk mengarah persembahan Isma dan Hafiz didalam P Ramlee The Musical diberikan kepada saya .

Saya bangga dengan mereka kerana setelah berpeluang bersama mereka selama tiga hari dari isnin hingga rabu untuk membantu mereka, mereka dapat menjiwai dan menggunakan alhamdulillah semua tips tips yang saya berikan... paling utama yang saya tekankan kepada mereka ialah penceritaan, berkongsi emosi tenaga dan rahsia bagaimana nak guna emosi dalam persembahan, alhamdulillah mereka guna. hari terakhir saya bersama mereka di akademi semasa sessi latihan terakhir bersama saya, saya pula yang menitis kerana lakonan dan emosi mereka yang begitu kuat. tadi semasa persembahan, tak malu kalau saya katakan saya menitis airmata lagi kerana terasa betapa jujurnya penyampaian mereka.  saya bangga dengan semua. semasa sessi latihan akhir bersama saya dan Cikgu Aris petang tadipun mereka masih lagi buat saya teruja. apa apapun semua ini adalah atas kerja kuat dan dedikasi semua yang terlibat dari pihak produksi, penasihat tetamu dan  terutamanya pihak Fakulti yang saya hormat dan tabik kerana tak pernah kedekut ilmu...! mereka jujur! saya tak kata saya tak teruja ngan yang lain cuma saya lebih terasa kerana mereka berdua bersama saya, yang lain saya tak sempat kerana tugasan itu bukan untuk saya tetapi apa apapun pada saya, semua memberikan persembahan yang cukup cemerlang minggu ini kerana bukan senang dan bukan semua orang boleh buat apa yang mereka buat, apatah lagi dalam masa yang cukup singkat!!

AFMASUK... hmmm saya taknak komen apa apa sebab saya sendiri tengah bluuuuurrrr... tunggu jelah Vlog yang saya akan uploadkan nanti. minggu ini tak ada Video log ulasan persembahan tetapi akan saya gantikan dengan episode special Vlog berkenaan AFMASUK. tunggu... nak transfer, edit dan upload. sementara itu... AFUNDI sebijak bijaknya...

bye for now.

pautan AF7 lain

Thursday, April 30, 2009

about AF7 week7 concert vlog ep2

something new that we are trying ... hope you like it. i just love adik afif... he's so funnneeeey!

about AF7 week7 concert vlog ep2 part2 of 2 (end)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

about musical week on P5/7 DIARI AF7 MINGGU KE-8 HARI KE-2

me and pat on af diari... tiara dan kuncu kuncunya kata sarimah huhuhu

about musical week on P6/7 DIARI AF7 MINGGU KE-8 HARI KE-2

layan... part 2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

about AF7: week 7 concert : what were you guys thinking???

I can't imagine how the diary and the coming concerts would be like without this boy, i always look forward to seeing this boy on the stage every saturdays, apart from being there to assist the principal, this boy makes me want to go to the concert because week after week, dia tak pernah sekalipun mengecewakan penonton, juri dan fakulti dengan persembahannya yang SUNGGUH bertenaga.

Mana silapnya? tak perlulah nak tanya ek sebab i think kengkawan sendiri pun dah tau manaletak silapnya... jari anda... mungkin leka dengan mengundi yang kureng sehingga leka dan lupa untuk mengundi nya... "alah tak pe ah... dia dah bagus... mesti ada orang lain undi..." kalau sorang takpe.. kalau semua fikir begitu? inilah jawapannya...

Tapi takpe wok... ko keluar minggu ni... esok berderet orang nak amik ko jadi artis dibawah naungan sebab ko memang superstar... ada identiti tersendiri... good luck wok! welcome to the real world!

and break a leg buat semua yang tinggal... yang penting FOKUS! FOKUS! ... dan yang kengkawan pula afundi jangan tak afundi dan FOKUS! FOKUS... seronok nunggu tugasan next week...  esok bebudak dapat tugasan... tungguuuuuuuu! fokus chedd FOKUS!

pautan AF lain
berita penyikiran aril di

more photos on my facebook album

Friday, April 24, 2009

about AC, 4U2C and Fiona



ini dia cikgu Ida Gorgeous sebelum jadi guru lakonan AF7 ini rupanya kerjaya awal Ida hehehe jangan marah ha... love u ida darling


nah ini dia Datuk Khaty masa muda muda... sekarang jadi pengkritik AF7 tetap secantik dulu... Lux kut...

about MELISSA SAILA semahu hati mu

OMG!!!!! hahaha thank you mr abangcantik on for posting this youtube, i was her big fan growing up watching her sing and act in that drama PJ, and never dreamt that one day that i would work with her and nominated in the same category with her for our acting. such an honor kak lis, love you and semoga sihat dengan menanti kedatangan baby baru nanti :)

about iklan FAB 1979 Yusni Jaafar

oh wow! this just shows how old i am... i even remembers this advertisement!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

about the open letter to Tiara by hafiz's fans

referring to the comment posted here and the posting here, i am on my own accord would like to answer it, I am not answering this on behalf of Tiara but as myself a big fan of AF and Hafiz and as someone who understand big TV production structures as AF.


I pity you guys, i pity because obviously there are a lot more we need to educate people.


first of all, i know Tiara, your statement that she doesn’t do her homework really hurts me because i have work with/for her since 2004 and I know that she the most diligent person around...

and if you are a true AF fans, after 7th season, by now you should understand the procedure of getting the songs onto the list... again and again, the principal and the faculty were bombarded with accusation of giving the wrong song to the students, i must stress it here, they have no control over the song list! not that they are a puppets but doing a national TV shows like this, getting a song onto the list itself is a task as it involves copyrights and such and this is  big production with multi level and layers.

the faculty are as surprise as the kids face you see when they get the songs as they themselves only know about what song were given to the students minutes before they went into the session. the challenge are not just on the kids but also onto them and evidently there are tested with accusations by fans that they are not doing their work when what you see on TV are only 1% of their hard work,

i know of a faculty member who work after hours everyday giving tuition to the kids after the cameras and operation shuts down for the day. i know of a faculty members who cant sleep worrying about the kids's new assignment and went in to work as professional as she is. i know a faculty members who sacrifice a lot of time doing extra work on her off days to make sure the kids perform well every week and it broke their heart to see the kids got voted out and i am sure it will break their heart to read your comments here too. ( i know they do read)

and i am sure AF production team choosed this song for Hafiz for a very valid good reason, as a singer and a coach myself, i would see this as a challenge for hafiz as as a viewer i have yet seen hafiz being challenge before, he has been in his safe zone elements before and to me he peaked too soon. and he stays there ever since... i want to see hafiz soar! like akim like aril like aishah who keeps on climbing the charts with improvements. Look at Zahid in season2, yes he gotbthe same comment that Rap rong are not for competition but look at zahid after that! He found his niche in his forte, rap and hip hop and he was good at it… I thought the assignment given to Hafiz this week was rightly put as a challenge

i am so with Anonymous who wrote the comment at 11.45am april 21 he/she hit the jackpot with her/his comment. if hafiz did well and i am sure he will... i am sure you wont be writing a thank you notes to the faculty because now you know it is not their choice! datin seri principal is the principal ... her task is to make sure whatever challenge the students and the FACULTY were given were to be carried out perfectly and i know she did a damned good job at it with evidences so clear every weekly concert!


Challenge is good and we want to see hafiz cemerlang and i am sure he will...


again I must stress this is my personal opinion as it breaks my heart to see hard work went unnoticed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

about Blog On TV : review AF7 konsert minggu 6

style terbaru... malas nak tulis ini lagi best... video blog! Focus! Focus!

pautan pautan asal dan blog tegar AF7

Sunday, April 12, 2009

about AF7 : yang tersingkir setakat minggu 5

sekarang, tinggal lapan pelajar saja yang akan terus merebut gelaran juara AF musim yang ketujuh...

Konsert AF7 minggu kelima malam semalam menyaksikan giliran Sidi pula tersingkir setelah bertahan selama lima konsert. gandingan antara Sidi dan Zahid Dalam Lagu Cinta Yang Sempurna nyanyian asal Sixth Sense dan Noe Letto, walaupun nampak peningkatan (Sidi last week's rendition of Dato' Siti's Ku Milik mu was one of his best yet) terpaksa meninggalkan Akademi setelah kedudukan SMS pada waktu undian ditutup merupakan yang terendah. saya rasa, Sidi ada tone yang menarik dan menampakkan peningkatan, walau tidak banyak tetapi tetap ada peningkatannya, apa yang Sidi perlu lakukan sekarang ialah untuk terus belajar memperbaiki persembahan kalau dia ingin terus berada dalam bidang seni ini... belajar lebih dik... 

Sidi mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada fakulti AF7

sebab terlampau sibuk saya tidak sempat mengupdatekan blog ini minggu lepas jadi sebagai ganti, ini dia gambar yang sempat saya rakamkan sewaktu habis konsert minggu lepas sewaktu Zizi dan Rubisa

more photos at my facebook album

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

About not being able to sleep...

Tak tau kenapa tapi 2 - 3 hari kebelakangan ni macam susah sikit nak tidur , manage to sleep 2 hours this morning having not being able to sleep since Saturday before that ... Aiyo obviously my body clock memang udah rosak kut...

I baru nak transfer photos from my dslr to my mac jadi gambar masa penyingkiran konsert AF last week velum update lagi ni huhuhu

Btw, cantik plak aku tengok kitchen ni kat IKEA ni...

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

About Liza Hanim

Berita terkini!
Saya nak ucapkan tahniah buat Liza Hanim dan suami diatas kelahiran cahayamata kedua mereka, baby girl baru jam 1.58pm tadi disebuah  hospital swasta di Damansara.
Seronok lah Marsya dapat adik perempuan baru nak bertukar tukar  fashion tips nanti.

Tahniah Liza!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

about AF7 gambar konsert minggu 4

hahahahaha! kenapa muka aku camgini ek? aku pun lupa apa yang aku bincangkan dengan Principal Tiara... hmmm... gambar asal dari MrManager

about AF7 : yang tersingkir setakat minggu 3

Seperti yang saya janjikan malam semalam, ini dia koleksi foto gambar penyingkiran di konsert AF7, bak kata pepatah mat saleh, "sekeping foto berkata bak seribu ungkapan..."  hmmm... tengoklah dan tafsirkan sendiri

Ketika pengacara Konsert AC Mizal mengumumkan kejutan minggu ini yang mana, 2 pelajar disingkirkan 

wajah sugul Obri menerima nasihat dari Cikgu Siti Hajar

Yang Tinggal kini 11 orang sahaja

Obri menjawab soalan dari pihak media disidang media selepas habis konsert . pandai juga dia menjawab dalam sedih masih boleh berjenaka

Rini masih sedih, terkedu agaknya...

Cikgu Siti menjawab soalan media kenapa dia masih lagi dikenali sebagai ratu airmata AFtakkala anak muridnya disingkirkan

Principal Tiara menjawab soalan media tentang matlamat, perancangan  dan objektif pembelajaran minggu keempat.

hmmm... apa agaknya nasihat yang dibisikkan oleh Principal Tiara kepada Obri tu ?

Bacaan selanjutnya di :

about PGLM3 Backstage Crew

PGLM3 mungkin dah berakhir tetapi tidak bermaksud the fun stops there! lihatlah kerenah krew PGLM3 beraksi dikala kepala sudah sarat dengan kerja :) rakaman ini dibuat semasa pementasan PGLM3 masih lagi berlangsung.

Monday, March 30, 2009

About AF7 minggu 4

menarik sangat lagu lagu pilihan minggu ini, ada yang kena dan ada yang bakal membunuh... lebih menarik bila lagu lagu ini bakal betul betul menguji mereka sebagai "thinking performer" sebab semestinya masing masing mungkin tak terfikir atau bermimpi nak bawa lagu lagu sebegini...  

gelihati melihat gelagat mereka pagi tadi menerima tugasan masing masing... terkedu ada, tercengang pun ramai. yang pasti tugasan minggu ini bakal mengundang rating tinggi tinggi sepanjang minggu hinga malam konsert. 

yang penting tiap tiap malam kena tengok diari... mana tau kut kut ada kejutan ke apa ke hmmmm...  yang pasti lagu lagu tugasan minggu ini milik 2 nama besar industri seni suara tanah air... Siti dan Amy, dan kejutannya, Lagu Siti bakal dibawa pelajar lelaki dan lagu Amy bakal dibawa pelajar wanita...

malam nanti saya letak gambar gambar obri dan rini semasa mereka terkeluar sabtu lepas dan minggu sebelumnya. maaf sedikit lambat update sebab sibuk membantu Tiara dan kerja pejabat sekaligus...

p/s : lepas geram sambil nangis nangis lagi!!!! aiyo

Tugasan Akademi Fantasia - Minggu 4

Akim - Destinasi Cinta
Qhaud - Di Taman Teman
Hafiz - Cinta Ini
Sidi - Ku Milikmu
Aril - Lakaran Kehidupan
Yazid - Aku Cinta Padamu
Claudia - Suralaya Dalam D Major
Isma - Kerja Gila
Zizi - Aku Dah Bosan
Rubisa - Tiada LagiAishah - Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur

Lagu Bonus  Isabella dan Jerat Percintaan

wajah adila ketika disingkirkan minggu lepas
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