Wednesday, September 03, 2008

About Missing the innocent time of 'yesteryears'

I really do... Those were the time of simplicity the time when no troubles could trouble us. No worries on making mistakes, no fear on anything... Just a day to day life.

Why suddenly I am posting this I can't say why, maybe I am troubled with current happening that I wish I am still as innocent as I am in that photo that was taken by my late dad almost 33 years ago.

Oh I miss those days although I don't hve any memories about it.

God help!

Posted by ShoZu


wazi said...

i called it a phase in our life when we missed all that, it's even difficult bila kita tak der any memori of it... just my 2 cents tot and experience too...
Selamat Berpuasa..

Kakak Tiri said...

Tell you what Bro, there are times when I just wished I'm in Mama's tummy... safe and serene. Sighhh.

(had this same kinda entry in my previous blog... now I feel like re-posting it)

Take good care, Chedd. I pray for your well being and all the very best in everything you do.

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