Tuesday, May 20, 2014

About Turning 39

4 more days before i enter my final 30s lap... going to be 39 soon. Next year I'll be 40! .

Although my mind is telling me i am still young, but lately my body is telling me otherwise... my vision is blurry, my back is aching, my knee is weak, my hairline is receding, my gray hair is multiplying and the list can go on and on...

Have i achieved my goals in life?  No.  But i hope i can get there soon.

I started late in realising the goal of life... i hope it is not too late to recover the life i lost during my "jahiliah" days. I hope Allah grant me more years to "betulkan landasan hidup" and hope my wish came true.  I want a big family. If you are reading this,  please include me in your doas for Allah to grant me and my wife a huge family. Soon. Asap. Secepat mungkin. Seramai mungkin...

Tq in advance

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