Thursday, August 31, 2006

the F word

yaaa... the 2 "F" words. Like it or not, you'll definitely have both : Friends and Foes. But foes can be friends too... sometimes

Friendly Foes
they are everywhere but only a matter if we recognize them or we acknowledge their existence within us. the force is strong this one has. they can be so nice, friendly and at the same time they took advantages on us. some of us even trusted them. for all you know those 6 months rent that you pay didn't go directly to the landlord but to the foe you know. what did you get in the end? a fight at the guardhouse with sepak, tampar, terajang with police patrol car suddenly appeared... how did it end? dunno. don't care. but all things must have some good things behind it all... because while the fights was watch by all, a Friend manage to get to know someone who happens to be there watching... romance coming... who knows

Friendly Friends
this friend in question, (hello... dah call ke belum) happens to be the nicest around. when trouble came upon me... offered his help he did, drove me to get my car fixed, sent me back to pick my car later without me asking for help. even came down to help me cover my car with plastic for temporary measure and suddenly met my new closest friend who happens to be with me the whole night helping... (padan katanya... apa tu?)

closest friend
so this new closest friend i have... tired from work came to the rescue... took me to police beat to report, took me to police HQ to further my report (unnecessary but that's how the system goes) although tired this friend is, although somewhere else this new friend had to be at... no complaints, no grouch, just pure sincerity.
foes, friendly foes, friendly friends, closest friends, friends... have them with me, love them all... how was your day today? mine was great.

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