Monday, October 19, 2009

about Cuci baju Beyonce

As first reported by SM on his blog and the Star Malaysia it seems our country would definately wont be seeing any artist from abroad sebab semua takut nak masuk sini.... but then again like what someone pointed on one of his tweet, denda kalau Beyonce pakai baju terdedah nya cuma RM3000 jer hmmm... entah lah.

Apa apa pun , since Beyonce postpone/cancel her tour apa kata kita ramai ramai amik balik duit refund tu and serbu Istana Budaya and support our own artists watch Cuci the Musical!

I had the pleasure to take Akim and Aril last week to Istana Budaya to watch the rehearsal and i must say I AM PROUD AND BANGGA AND TERUJA AND JEALOUS sebab the show is going to be SUPERB! a lot of my friends and team from P Ramlee The Musical and Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical is working on this Cuci project, Dato Zahim is directing it, Stephen Rahman-Hughes is choreographing it as well as doing the vocal coaching, Cik Lek is the set designer, the back stage team also our kawan kawan yang buat PGLM and P Ramlee... and seronok tengok rehearsal because they have a good story and is funny to watch!

CUCI The Musical will be at Istana Budaya from October 23rd - Nov 8th 2009

Ticket available from Axcess Tickets

jom ramai ramai serbu ISTANA BUDAYA instead!
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