Saturday, October 29, 2011

About neglecting my blog and Miss Jenab

Alamak, lama betul saya tidak kemaskini blog saya. Dahulu saya sangat rajin berBlog namun kebelakangan ini semenjak kewujudan FB, blog ini terbiar sebentar...

I did promised that I shall not neglect this blog but work caught up with me and I am stuck with work and in the end I did not post anything only to focus on work with frequent FB updates and occasional tweet.

I do post on instagram a lot lately due to the arrival of my little girl, a Persian mix , Miss Jenab Miko Jeksen . She came during Ramadan and was a blessing to my empty home. Someone I came home too..after whole day at work with stresses and what not, Miss Jenab is a blessing... tq Bahri and Nadia for letting me have Jenab. This little bundle of fur joy is growing by the day and she is 3 times bigger that when she first came.

The first month she is here, she stays in the cage in my kitchen but as she outgrew her cage, I let her roam the house freely as Miss Jenab is fully trained. But her freedom came with a price, my white leather sofa became her official throne and scratch pad ... Suppose, that is nothing compare to the joy she gave me.

She is sleeping by my side as I am writing this ... Sayang Miss Jenab.... Cium dia....

Eeee busuk... Esok mandi k ...

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