Tuesday, July 17, 2007

about ... oooi so senyap....

I received a lot of emails and text messages asking me what happen to me, why am i so quiet / senyap lately without posting here... all i can say is that i am so busy working in a workshop for another musical history in a making although, i have so much to say and talk about it but i JUST CAN'T say anything since the big boss says DO NOT REVEAL ANYTHING but the only thing that i can tell you guys is, it is My Name Is Remy (aka P Ramlee the Musical), we are planning to stage it in Istana Budaya soon after AidilFitri in October and THE SONGS ARE HOT! HOT! HOT!!!
will reveal more once the official announcement is out from Enfiniti Production.
and for those of you who will be free tomorrow night why not come join us at the Attic KL since the StarMaker Bootcamp survivors will be performing there for 3 sets hehehe at the Attic Open Mic Session. here are the details come lar join us :)

WED 18th JULY 2007
Sets are at 9pm, 10pm & 11pm
at Attic KL


Pat said...

one thing u guys need to know is that Chedd is the Workshop Captain!!!

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

yes i am ... the one that akan kena marah kalau the rest tak nyanyi, atau tak buat betul betul.. tapi kalau saya str8 sangat, yang lain kata saya ni sangap dan feeling bossy pulak... aduh pening

Pat said...

bossy is good... jangan perasan... worst still, PERASAAN!!! yg tu, tak dapek nak nolong...

harman said...

can't wait for My Name Is Remy!!!!

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