Thursday, December 20, 2007

about dayang nurfaizah dan anugerah skrin

hahaha here's a funny story... i went to the Curve, for a movie at Cineleisure, while waiting for the time i sat at the Big Apple Donuts drinking coffee and eating 'say cheese' donut ( love it love it love it!)... sorang sorang...

When it's time for my movie i bangun and turn around and there i saw seated behind me this lovely malay girl in a baju kurung, minimal make-up smiling at me and she said hi to me. we shaked hand, wishes hari raya and suddenly i realised it's Dayang Nurfaizah!

She looked really manis and pretty in baju kurung , i bet most people wont realize it's her but nevertheless, she was nice to said hi to me.

so we chatted for abit, a lil hi-hi-bye-bye but realising my movie about to start and my friend mimy probably waiting for me already. i have to go but before that i did tell her that to check-out this blog because i said ... "your gambar masa anugerah skrin, i dah upload to my blog... jemputlah singgah" and she said " great, nanti i check".

so aku pun jalan menuju Cineleisure... 10 tapak nak sampai Cineleisure, aku ketawa sorang sorang gelak besar... why ? sebab i just realised that i havent upload any photos from anugerah skrin yet hahahaha. but i did upload Dayang's photo with me to my facebook.

ok lah Dayang and kengkawan semua... here it is.

kalau nak tengok gambar gambar lain, saya dah upload kat my facebook. ok gtg

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