Sunday, December 16, 2007

about Dafi's 19th Birthday

I went to Dafi's 19th birthday which was his first birthday with his Dafinates (fans) today at KL Tower . Seeing him grown in such a short time, i'm so proud of my boy, he handles the crowd well and he gives a speech pretty well too! Politician in a making perhaps? (bapa borek anak rintik kot, huhuhu)

But what makes me more proud was that his singing has improved tenfold! and his confidence level are way better as it is evidenced in him handling his fan, getting the crowd scream and scream for him!

Although i would say there are parts of the event arranged by DFC can be potong out from the day's agenda, i would say by the end of the day, Dafi saved the day and with him singing songs at the end which was really was the highlight of the event. there are some familiar faces amongst the crowd, some friends from the press (although it's their off day for most of them), Dafi's family and fanatics.

His friends from AF5 were not there because most of them are busy, some are now in Kuantan for the Gempak Selebriti ASTRO event, some with recording and what not, but i think it's ok since this is a day out for Dafi and his fans. we were entertained by the KL Tower cultural dancers, the VID (committee member of Dafi's fan club) plus the tandoori and beriyani was EXTRA DELICIOUS as Vernon and Abang Najmi would agree because we all went on for 3 plates tanpa malu hahaha.

Click on the photo above to bring you to the photo collection i took during the event or you can also click here to view more photos. You can also read and view extra photos i took for Vernon at his mrmanager blog

I was glad that i was there, had fun with new and old friends. by the way, My Name Is NOT Remy, it's chedd... with a broken english... hehehe

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