Wednesday, December 12, 2007


make a date with TV3 this friday night from 9pm onwards for Anugerah Skrin TV3. why?

  • 12 of us from P Ramlee The Musical will be doing the opening number with a melody from the musical with a totally new dance (funky) routine choreographed by the multi talented Pat Ibrahim. the 12 of us features zeqhty, azrul, nadia, zana dan ramai lagi.
  • Diha, Nita and the Floor Fever boys will be backing up Ferhad
  • My iideas being implemented by Helen Yap for Asmara (thanks Helen)
  • drama komedi saya, Keluarga Adam nominated for best comedy series
  • the 12 of us also will do the closing number singing Cahaya Anugerah , lagu tema Anugerah Skrin
  • Cahaya Anugerah is written by Helen Yap and lyrics by me

so make sure y'all tengok hari jumaat ini di TV3 jam 9 malam ok or you can watch it live on


drbubbles said...


aiseh. tak dapat nak tengoklah. TV rosak. By the way, all the best!

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

you can also catch it live on

sean said...

Hi Chedd..wish u all the best..

lyk to hearing ur laughing, hahahaha in damansara uptown with ur few friend on Tuesday! u all really control the satuation dude :)

regards, sean (

mOhD^.^rAz said...

best la ur show last night..
terhibur gak tengok..
lain dari yg len dis year punya anugerah skrin...
apa2 pun...
congrats to ur team...

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