Wednesday, May 28, 2008

about NUMBERS!

Some P.Ramlee the Musical trivia for you fyi..
13 set changes, 30pieces of sets in total (penang shophouses, botanical garden, bukit mertajam, the train, train station, houses,mfp studio, norizans house, new world cabaret, happy world hotel, p.ramlee-saloma's house etc.) .
1,200 pieces of props big and small. 600 pieces of wardrobe. There are 200 ppl hired on P.Ramlee, in production,technical and onstage,out of which 70 are onstage as lead actors,ensemble and "transformers".

Each 'cube' that forms the penang shophouses, the cinema, MFP studio interior etc, weighs 1 ton each. It takes at least 4 'transformers' to move each 'cube'. The head of the train weighs 1 ton too. Each train carriage weighs 200kg, there are 4 carriages altogether,and the transformers have to push each carriage with up to 7 or 8 performers on each carriage.


Fazli Razali said...

opps...a lot of information here.I'm not good in numbers.gud luck for the PRTM.Mana la tau dpt the best supporting lagi kan.

Aya said...

Hello Ched Yussof,

How should I address you, really ^^?

I haven't got the chance to go and watch Pramlee the Musical Theatre in KL / Singapore. But from the comments/feedback/testimonials received, I must say great job!

Thank you for playing out my Tok Wan's character (Grandpa Sukardi) beautifully.

It meant a lot and I appreciate it very much.

Warmest Regards,

Aya said...

Anyhow, if you drop by Kota Kinabalu Sabah, I'll be happy to bring you to meet Tok Wan Sukardi in person.

Well, he can no longer speak and remember things now.. but yeah... there's still my grandma to story tell ^^

Young Sukardi meets Senior Sukardi.

Sweet ^^

Take care Eddie.


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