Thursday, May 22, 2008

about what our Singaporean Friends said!

After almost 2 weeks, the P Ramlee The Musical team were down in sunny bright Singapore, we feel so good to be back home. we are going into Istana Budaya tomorrow and can't wait to perform to our malaysian friends after great success at Esplanade Singapura... here are some comments from our singaporean friends on our tour taken from my emails, blogs and facebook .

Nor Eddie
(Singapore) wrote at 12:22pm yesterday

One word for the PRTM, FANTABULOUS!!!Amazing performance! I really enjoyed the show! Best credits goes to Musly Ramlee for his unbelievable voice just like the late P Ramlee.. And Liza Hanim, I love her beautiful voice.. Melissa Saila, a great actor as always.. Great job guys! Already looking fwd to ur nxt production!Cheers to all of you in PRTM!!!

Netty Fiona (Singapore)
wrote at 9:34am yesterday

Well... well... well! PRTM in Singapore was indeed amazing. The closing night was magnificient. Hats off to Melissa Saila (Norizan) & Liza Hanim (Saloma) and of course the man himself,Musly Ramlee (P Ramlee) for such a brilliant performance. All in all, it doesn't beat PGLTM, cause PRTM is indeed on a standard of its own.What's next? Hang Tuah? Hang Nadim? Radin Mas? Sri Mersing?! Like what Tiara said before "Bring it on, guys!"A shoutout to all in the team: "CONGRATULATIONS & SYABAS!"

Pujangga Malam
(Singapore) wrote at 5:44pm yesterday

My goodness!!! What a production!!! Simply out of this world, nostalgic and making us travel back in time to witness the glory of the great man. An excellent play worthy of all the accolades received. Take a bow everyone who is
involved in this production, whether you are the main cast, the supporting ones or even the backstage crew. This show has left its mark in Singapore and yes, if it was a challenge to convince us, we were indeed blown away!!! Good luck with your upcoming performance in KL next week. Success to

(self promo a bit here jangan marah ha!) Among the supporting actors, I like Chedd’s character. He played P. Ramlee’s good hearted, stick-to-friend-no-matter-what-happen and happy-go-lucky good friend
Sukardi who followed him from Penang to Singapore. But Sukardi returned to his hometown and his character ended there. Comparing PRtM and PGLtM, in my honest opinion, I favour PGLtM. My reason being that the costumes are more
extravagant and colourful. But don’t take my words for it. The musical will end its run on Monday (Singapore). If you have not bought any ticket, why not go get if there is any.

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