Tuesday, May 06, 2008

about P Ramlee The Musical

Nominated for 9 Boh Cameronian Awards including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Music, Best Lighting, Best Set Design, Best Costumes.
25,000 tickets were sold out before season 1 opening night - book your tickets early so you don't miss out.
Musly Ramlee in title role brings the Legend to life with the look,the style, the voice of P.Ramlee...
Roslan Aziz as Season 2's new Music Director will blow you away with his unmatchable touch...
A stage production worthy of a legend, P.Ramlee The Musical pays tribute to one of Malaysia's most consummate entertainers - the legendary P. Ramlee whose outstanding body of work in film and music, and artistic genius survives even today, 35 years after his passing.
This dazzling musical will take audiences back to the glory days of the 50's, 60's and 70's with breath taking sets and props, stunning costumes and live music featuring original music by Singapore's Dick Lee and also some of P. Ramlee's most unforgettable pieces.Learn more about the man - his loves, his dreams, his passion, his personal life, and what inspired him to write all those beautiful songs and films we love even today.
Singapore opens 17th May 2008 at The Esplanade
Kuala Lumpur opens 28th May 2008 at Istana Budaya
or 03-7711 5000
RM200, RM180, RM150, RM120, RM80, RM50, RM30
Or (65)6348 5555$
100 (Cat 1), $80 (Cat 2), $60 (Cat 3), $40 (Cat 4)
Concessions (limited tickets available):
Students - $20 (Cat 4)NSF and Senior citizens - $28 (Cat 4)
Liza Hanim as Saloma
Melissa Saila as Norizan
Atilia Haron as Junaidah
Emelda Rosmila as Azizah
introducing Musly Ramlee as P Ramlee
Colin Kirton and Douglas Lim as The Shaw Brothers
Joseph Gonzales as BS Rajhans
Chedd Eddie Yusoff as Sukardi
Infinatez and Azrul "Cham" as The Paparazzi


ajami said...


coz aritu Xdpt join coz las min keja betimbun ;-(

..but i will promote this event kaw2 ;-)

SE7EN said...

hi, i'm from singapore and i just got back from watching the show at esplanade.

can only describe one thing about the show. I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN!! a great show done by a great cast.

damn good show. congrats!

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