Friday, December 31, 2010

about LOLshow and a free Blackberry Curve 3G

Ok, before i move on... i must warn you that my posting this time is a bit unusual from my normal posting but if u were to continue reading till the end, you might understand why this posting is a bit TECHY and i am not surprise if you were to do the same too ... Right. How should i start...

I remember those days when i rushed home from work simply just to jump onto my sofa to watch (religiously mind you) 2-3 geeks and nerds (and sometimes smokin' hot girls too) banter on TV about the latest gadgets... they argued, they agreed, they show-offs, they blabbered anything "tech" and i used to drool over those gadgets... ya those were the days of TechTV on ASTRO. I am sure some of you misses it as much as i do ...

then there were "BeamFest", at least once a month me and my buddies from (now defunct) original members get together to "tunjuk terror" and show-off our latest gadgets!... PDA were the hot stuffs back then, WINce and Palms were the must have and we blogged, we argue in the forum and we happily get fat and makin Starbucks richer by hanging out there with our gadgets (starbucks was the only place with free wifi back then) and then ... some of us got older, got married, got kids and moved away...

then there were Social Medias... MySpace, Friendster came and tried to kill  MySpace and then Facebook came and killed everyone, Twitter came and became the closest thing to having ur idols' phone numbers where u can sent short messages to them and get them balas or response back to you (sometimes)... 

I am a big fan of twitter and facebook but i do miss those TechTV programs and tech forums where we endlessly argues with each other and I miss my buddies at MyPDACafe where we chat and banter during "BeamFest"... and then, there is #LOLshow aka Life On Line show

Hosted by John Lim, Niki Cheong (of The Star's R.A.G.E), David Lian (Text100's Asia-Pacific Social Media Practice Lead) and BuzzMedia's founder David Wang discussing the biggest news on the latest trends, social media and the web weekly.

In episode 11 , the foursome chatted on the latest Twitter, Facebook and the movie, WikiLeaks, Google Wave's failure and even the Yo-Rice/Yorais hashtag !  it's nice to finally stumble upon a very nice and healthy "discussion" where the discussion is being discussed from our perspective and in a very intellectual way without being to intellectual (go figure LOL!) even to a point where one of them left the show because his friend is waiting at the door ... that's how personal the show gets... i felt as if i was there watching them talks... with that said, maybe guys, your next episodes should be a video podcast :) 

Now, back to my opening paragraph... why is this posting a bit unusual ... well, LOLshow is so kind to give away a Blackberry Curve 3G!!! and I WANT TO WIN THIS!!!!!! if only i knew about this much much earlier, i would have blog sonner but hey... i hope there is still enough time for me to win this. WHY DO I NEED to win this SWEEEEEEET Blackberry Curve 3G?  apart from the facts that this Blackberry has a 2MP camera with Flash, GPS!, WiFi and 3G, Media Keys and optical TRACKPAD!!! (i don't have to blow the BB ball ever again whenever it get stuck), well my old faithful Bold is so old... everytime there is an SMS sent or coming in, the Bold will go to SOS SimCard Error mode and I HAVE TO RESTART every time!  the telco couldnt help solve this so i hope LOLshow can help me solve this problem (hehehe).

So now you know why i am posting this... and maybe you all should try posting too!  (i am praying hard that i will win this muahs!!!)

I strongly suggest that you all listen to the podcast below and starts subscribing to it ASAP and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

What do i like about the show?... well the show is very personal... easy to follow and sounded very friendly... the duration of 30 minutes is just nice... and not to heavy for my normal internet speed ... i didn't have a problem listening/streaming to it... although i thought it would be nice to see them talk (video show) because i do feel as if i was there watching them.  Definitely will follow :) ( can i win pleaseeeeee) LOL!

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