Monday, November 26, 2007

about FeverDolls and Dina

In between my unfinished works and assignments today i decided to walk around One Utama today, walking endlessly and cluelessly not knowing what to do, what to eat, what to buy and what to see and was pleasantly surprise meeting my girlfriends Diha, Nita and Linda (PGLM ensemble) getting ready for their performance. No wonder la today takde rehearsal dengan Pat! rupa rupa budak budak ni ada show!

of all the days, ini hari i forgot to bring along my camera so i have to settle with my phone's camera. wasn't happy at all because now i am so used to taking photos with my Nikon... anyway jumpa juga dengan kawan lama Dina ( Malaysian Idol ) also getting ready for her performance. (kalau u all sempat tengok video Malu tapi Mahu ada budak nama Chedd gelek Inul ngan Dina huhuhu).

Here's a video of FeverDolls that i secretly took without the girls knowledge. sorry girls huhuhu. ok lah i nak sambung edit lagu.

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