Sunday, November 18, 2007

about Atilia at Bangkok Jazz

Junaidah ada show!

Had the pleasure of hanging out last night with friends from P Ramlee and Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical at Bangkok Jazz but last night was extra special because we were there for one good reason. We were there to support our girl Atilia who did a 2 night shows there. It was a crowded night and the crowds were the best. jom lets story mory about last night.

Sampai di Bangkok Jazz around 10 pm yesterday to my surprise jumpa si Ramlee kecil (Syafie Mukhsin) dan Sukardi kecil (Adik Wan) having dinner upstairs with Atilia, her Hubby and Fizar (Atilia's manager) accompanied by Cik Lek (Raja Malek) and Shada (costume designer for P Ramlee).tak lama lepas itu, Azrol datang dengan kamera DSLR ber lensa besar barunya (jeles aku) di ikuti oleh E-Ein dan kawan kawan lain datang satu persatu...

Persembahan Atilia dimulakan tak lama selepas itu dengan sorakan peminat dan kengkawan semua. to be honest that was the first time i am watching her live as an audience with her singing her own style and songs and i must say that i am really impressed with her stage command and allure. it really shows how a pro she is. the song choice are of her style with lots of Sade, Mary J blige and some nice nu-jazz song selections. but i must say it suited her voice and image and the crowd loves it as it shows with the finger snapping and foot tapping that i see last night and occasionally sing along :)

Among highlights of her 2 sets performances last night were songs like Duyong, Salah Sangka, Sangkar and Tompi's Selalu Denganmu which is also featured in her album. Not forgetting her P Ramlee The Musical family, she sang her number from the musical Leka with Zeqhty . At various points of her performance, guest singers and friends (hehe) got to share her mic, singing together with her (yours truly included hehe) but the one that got the crowd hot last night was when Atilia's mum, Salamiah Hassan shared the stage with her singing Jelingan Manja.
Best of all, we all had a lot of fun sambil sambil melepas rindu jumpa kengkawan . ramai juga yang datang malam semalam ada Zana dan Nadia Luscious, Diha, Sofea Bee and her team, Megat Sharizal (Tun Dr Ismail 1957 hati malaya) dan Tuan Director Zahim AlBakri yang datang bergegas dari rehearsal Tarap Man (akan dipentaskan soon) , kengkawan ensemble lain juga ada, kengkawan produksi dan transformers. Dapat jumpa kawan lama Jason Voo yang juga co-producer album Atilia dan mr Zahid (best Drummer in the world!). kata akhir saya ... BEST GILER!

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