Friday, March 13, 2009

about Aishah AF7 singing Yuna's - Dan Sebenarnya

I am hoping that aishah will do justice to this song at the concert tomoro night for the first AF7 concert. she dares to choose a not so popular song as her first performance. tabik sama lu aishah.

this is such a great song, great voice by Yuna and even more surprised to see her image, Yuna a tudung rock chick! awesome! yet undiscovered. love it. i am ordering my EP soon. more info at YUNA's myspace  

(no affiliation with me whatsoever i just thought great talent like this need our support)


sherry alasrar said...

she is good and have a nice voice..a song suitable for the ears..frist time when i heard totally thought she was from Indonesia..she has potential and a totally tudung rock chick..hope things would go well for her..

syada said...

sket info tuk ched yg myb br kenal yuna..
dia nih dlu masuk oiam xlepas top 12..sampai central elimination jer..dia nih kire cm indie/underground jugak la..mostly student u dh ramai kenal cz dia slalu perfrom..

tulisan sy pasal yuna

yuna's facebook (fan profile)

eintanz said...

omg!!! she's awesomeeeee!!!

Vee Violet said...

me kinda like that song.. adn aishah was soooo cute...
if im not mistaken die melatah kan? (tak follow sgt AF) =)
Die nyanyi lagu YUNA, memang sesuai dgn die...

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