Tuesday, March 10, 2009

about tiara menuju puncak af7

It started at home watching The 1st episode of Diari AF7 and we were suppose to leave around 945pm. I was watching the program with Dani, Mila and DSEN with the principal is still in her room getting ready.

when she walked out of her room, everyone was pleasantly surprised how stunning she looks in her red number and we were ready to leave her home for The Courtyard, Damansara for the press conference.

As we were leaving her home for her car, we chatted on how excited she is to be the new principal and we talked about plans on how to make this season of Akademi Fantasia the most memorable one and the most exciting.  And true to her style, all of her projects and endeavors has always been "the most of something"... i was enjoying the moment, sharing her vision on how she wants to transform this season of AF into something bigger and better than it is now, it is a big challenge for her as everyone knows that AF is already so BIG! but knowing her, i know she can... this lady is known for making small thing BIG in a good way... insyaallah.

making her way to her ride for the press conference, i couldn't stop thinking that this would be the most interesting AF season ever, first of all, she is now officially the 1st woman to head the faculty where 6 previous season all of them were men of industry. 

second of all, i thought to myself, with a woman with such great style, this will also be the most stylish season ever. having work with/for her since 2004, i know well that she is such a perfectionist, honestly those 12 star hopefuls don't know what they have got themselves into for this season. an exciting ride i am sure!

once in her car, she starts her usual routine, believe it or not, this lady likes to do her own make-up and it has always been like this that she likes to do her make-up in her car, i asked her, "tak takut ker doing her make up in a moving car" to which she said, " i am used to this and i can be more relax in a car".

We talked about how she wants to transform the kids of AF7 from zero to hero and more, i listened with great interest because i know she can, just look at PGLm and PRTm, some of the new stars in town such as Azrul "Cham" Zaidi, the all girl group Luscious were all in the ensemble of PGLm and PRTm, even AC Mizal big comeback was due to PGLm i dare say... and Adlin is bigger then ever after potraying Sultan Mahmud in both PGLm and PGL the movie.  she started scouting talents way before from her Kit Kat Club days with names like Sofea Jane, Aida Aris to name a few were all discovered by her. 

upon reaching the location, we parked the car far away from the venue, while both of us listened to her bodyguard communicating with AF producer waiting the green light for her to move in (apparently her appearance on the diary is coming up on air in a few moment) we talked further about how the kids and even the teachers were pleasantly surprised when she went to the academy this morning, it was a well kept secret that we managed to keep even from our Enfiniti office (they were all excited when i walk into the office this morning) and suddenly her bodyguard said it is now time to walk in... she smiled at me and said, "well chedd ... here we go!"

as she walked down the steps entering the venue, flashes of camera light clicks towards her :) we were greeted by AF7 producer and Astro Ria big boss Khairul Mizan Shagul and she stop for a photo op session before moving in to meet the rest of the press.

She stop, smiled and posed true to her style, looking gorgeous as always, well , "a principal doesn't have to look geeky ok" as she said to me earlier in the car.

like what we discussed earlier in the car, AF7 came at the right time, being just after the successful  run of PGLm season 3 recently, with 7 being her lucky number.. it is all looking good.

and guys, introducing Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, your new AF7 principal.

After the first photo session, we went straight into the venue where the rest of the press were waiting and this image was live on TV, i couldn't help to think to myself... "oh wow! garangnya baju... macam matrix pulak haha"

As we were waiting for the organizer to set up the presentation of the new Principal's 7 syarat / mission statement, Tiara was ushered aside to do her live chat with Berita Awani by Awani's most diligent entertainment reporter, Muzaffar Mustafa.

immediately after, Tiara presented to the reporters her 7 syarat/mission for this season which was the exact presentation that she presented to the teachers and the students of AF7 earlier in the morning. read more about the 7 syarat at sultan muzaffar's blog.

we ended the night around 11 as the reporter were rushing to print the story for today's new and on the side note, i must say the food at The Courtyard Damansara Heights were absolutely gorgeous! 

I was lucky enough to be with the af7 new principal, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina right from her getting ready at home, and to follow her from Puncak Ledang since 2004, and tonight , from the Puncak of her home to The Courtyard Damansara Height , menuju puncak to the Press Conference to announce her as the the AF7 principal.  

This photo collection was suppose to be uploaded immediately as she appear on Diari Akademi Fantasia but i left my Mac at home while rushing to her place... :( nevertheless, here are in chronological order, photos of her trip from home to the press conference. once again, congratulations Tiara... Transformasi AF7 bermula.

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tiara jacquelina said...

you rock cheddie... great coverage and well reported! thanks for being with me - here's to the next big one!

T.A.G EyLa said...

psstt... photo2 ada gaya paparazzi lor hiks! i like.. (^_^)V

mOhD^.^rAz said...

Hopefully..AF& nie transformasi yg digembar-gemburkan akn betol2 berlaku..
dr peserta mmg x dinafikan mempunyai kekuatan yg berbeza..
kita tunggu dan lihat..
Diharapkan Datin Sri berjaya merealisasikan impian nie..

sherry alasrar said...

really felt as if im was there by just reading it..u shud also be a journalist bro..good shots and great coverage :-)

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

wow, thanks all! appreciate your inputs

ms hart said...

CHEDD...!!!!!! You're the lucky one, haa?!!:)

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