Sunday, May 24, 2009

about cutest birthday wish i got this year

woke up today to numerous emails, sms, mms and wall posts on facebook makes me smile although i AM 34 and officially OLD! so old that even with a copy paste function, my fingers are tired replying to each and every wishes but even so, i am happy! THANKS a lot GUYS! LOVE YOU ALL!

hahaha but this mms makes my day! this video came from my dearest friend in nibong tebal featuring his 2 daughters, adrifah adros and afriena adros.

"happy birthday to you
makan ubi kayu
uncle cium bontot lembu
lembu kata thank you!"



Coffeeholic said...

haha. happy bday chedd=)

ms hart said...

Chedd! 34 is old????? So what do we call people like all the akaks??? ;-) Ancient, I supposed???
Aaaarghh...happy birthday, anyway, Chedd! All the best, ok?

p/s apa dah jadi dgn CD PGLIII daaaa...???

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