Thursday, September 13, 2007

about Ramadhan and Istana Budaya

we started entering Istana Budaya since Tuesday and i am somewhat very scared now realizing that we only have more or less another month to go before opening night of our new Musical. Even more scary is that now that we are working in an almost real space, all choreographies has to re choreograph or reinterpret to fit the new space. more works to be done and lesser time with Ramadhan coming in tomorrow. oh dear God, Help Us. but I am convinced that we are so gonna have a good show.

on that note, i would like to wish all kengkawan and readers, a happy Ramadhan. Jangan puasa yok yok ok!

and by the way, Remy is now no longer Remy... kisah P Ramlee... KEKKWA wants Remy now to be known as P Ramlee the musical (?!).


Sofea said...

Yeah that is strange to have the title changed. I wonder why..

Anyway looking forward to watch the performance! Would the last day performance comes with something extra..? ;-)

eintanz said...

im looking fwd to watch the performance. jgn lupa give more infos on the show ya. btw, selamat berpuasa!

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