Saturday, September 01, 2007

about PGLm the comic

he he he. was browsing my old files and I found this hidden sumwhere in my hard drive. I did this last year. click on the image to view the original file in the original size.

and for those who don't understand the lingo , here the translation ;

Adipati : why are you fools congregating here??!!! arghhh! for goodness sake!

zana : ha ha! what a @#%*@ question!

me : hey Gusti Adipati, why are you asking us such stupid question?! we are here to celebrate the arrival of "Hunk" Tuah!

baby Arin : (singing her old song "kepastian")

Adipati : Like I care who hunk Tuah is!! i shall sail to malacca to "kill" his dreams! (whatever that might be)

meanwhile on top of Mt. ophir (gunung Ledang)

Putri : I heard my brother is going to malacca searching for us! what fool he is!! Mt ledang is in Johor not malacca! he won't find us Muahahahaha!

when warrior talip found them on the mountain...

Putri : what do you want from us talip? you got the wrong person, my name is Cik Siti wan kembang, a kelantanese princess not javanese princess... muahahahahah!

Talip : Aiyoyo! why like that one?

Tapok : dear god... how like this one??!! the Sultan sure angry since we didn't manage to locate the javanese princess... so how talip? what shall we do?

Talip : the solution is sooo easy! we just need ti lie to the Sultan that the princess is actually a prince !

Sultan : NO!!!! why like that one???

tell me what you think...


defoo said...

Hahaha!! Funny & creative Chedd ;)

Megat Eusofe said...

nice :P
mmg kreatif n inovatif

byk idea la nieee

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