Friday, September 28, 2007

about summore rehearsal's photos...

our girl fern had posted almost 70 new and old photos at her multiply. here are some previews. go to fern's multipy to view the whole collection.

the tuan director and his muse? my name is sean ghazi and zana luscious

apakah kau akan sentiasa cintakan ku? my name is sean ghazi and siti nurhaliza

bila nak berbuka ni... my name is azrol, yong, rafiq, megat, qahar, defoo alvin and d-ha

dara dan teruna sekampung (???) my name is ida mariana, alvin infinatez, fauzuly d-boy and shah infinatez

a pose... miss universe... my name is alvin, ida, atilia, pat, raja malek and queen melissa

tak faham aku dengan budak jantan 4 org ni... my name is yong, alvin, shah infinatez and megatron

pantang nampak camera... my name is nadia luscious, maya tan, pat, sean, ida, megat, alvin and yong gp ... huhuhu

i'm lonely, ram... my name is sean and melissa


arenaKu uKanera said...

hopefully, there will be rerun when I come home next year.

azisham said...

all the best to u ya :)

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