Thursday, September 20, 2007

about Siti dan Snoop dogg

originally posted on Sultan Muzaffar's blog... this is a nice mix of Siti and Snoop Dogg of Siti's song Pendirianku. have a listen it's a good mix mixed by DJ cybersonique

and if u have the time try listen to Black Eye Peas featuring Ramlah Ram song Kau Kunci My Humps also huhuhu


dJ phuturecybersonique said...

Hey Chedd! Was looking through my stats and actually saw that quite a bit of traffic to my site came from yours. Gotta say many thanks for pimping the track (albeit a questionable one still)!

Insya-Allah, will be dropping by to see you guys on the musical nanti! Many thanks once again!

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

let me know when u coming to watch us. btw d siti heard ur remix and she was smiling all the way...

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