Monday, September 24, 2007

about more rehearsal's photos

Azizah dan Ramlee - my name is Siti dan Sean

Remy and Sally - my name is Sean dan Liza Hanim

Norizan, your queen - my name is Melissa Saila

Sukardi dan Norizan - my name is Chedd and Melissa

"telah tba masa ! era gemilang! - my name Baby Arin, Talif, Nik, Yus (so you think you can dance) and the ensemble

"Apa Takdir Kita, Azizah?" - my name is Sean and Siti

Zouk karl Dee and Sally Moon - my name is Chedd and Liza

" a Dollar for a Dollar and Shaw will Show you!" - My name is Douglas Lim

As promised to the forumers at this Cari thread, here are some of the rehearsal photos to entice you all to come and watch us .

I got an SMS from my reader this morning saying "how to get ticket? the newspaper yesterday said that the tickets all sold out!" I checked with Datin Seri Tiara, she reconfirmed that the ticket are still available but moving really fast! Call the ticket counter to inquire or visit

See you all in Istana Budaya soon!

all photos by chedd eddie yusoff


zaffirazaini said...

tank you so much chedd!! tak sangka dapat masuk your blog... someone paste your blog add kat i'm a big fan of dato' siti...dan dah pun beli tiket.. performance on 21 okt... well, nanti jumper... hehehe... ahaks!! all the best to you... =)

aziya said...

Chedd.. i like the photo "Apakah Nasib Kita Azizah".. The lighting, corner, the placement.. very spontaneous...

p/s: Thanks for replying my ramadhan sms.. hehehehe

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