Wednesday, October 03, 2007

about Datin Seri Tiara blogging!

Datin Seri Tiara now officially entered the blogosphere! read Tiara's official P Ramlee The musical's blog at a day in the life of tiara .
You'll be able to learn first hand of our executive producer's exclusive thoughts on what's happening during the process of makin the musical... go give her a visit.

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Rai said...

Salam Inche' Sukardi...heheh!

First time masuk blog nih.Anyway I've watched Remy on 23rd Oct.Saw you kat cafe IB dah siap to gear up.I came with my 3 tutor friends.

Will put my review on Remy.I ni memang gila kat P.Ramlee sampai tesis time diploma n BA pun kita sapu about him walhal kita ni budak drama.Good job anyway.Segar bijik mata kita malam tu.

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