Friday, October 05, 2007

about the teaser on youtube

there has been a few request for me to post the two teaser i did on youtube so they can embed the video on their blog so i have uploaded the videos onto youtube. please feel free to post it on your own web but do link back to or if you decide to put it on your blog, web or elsewhere. the videos are located at :

teaser one featuring Sean, Siti Nurhaliza and Chedd Eddie Yusoff

teaser two featuring Sean, Atilia, Chedd, Zeqhty, Joseph and Wan kenari

today we will be on stage with Pak Erwin's orchestra for the first time, and last night i did try some of the sets that involves me and i am loving the sets. I must say Cik Lek (Raja Malek) did a superb job with the sets. it's huge and beautiful. The sets are much bigger compare to the ones he did for Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. we have few more days before the Raya holidays and i can't wait to go on stage !

Also yesterday, i bought tickets for my friends for the 27th Oct show and was having difficulties because most good seats are all taken! lucky that i spotted some nice seats. if you plan to come and watch please book your tickets now.

coming 6-7 days will be a very hectic days for us i suspect but i'll try to update you guys with the latest happening for the musical. stay tune :)

Chedd "Sukardi" Yusoff

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