Monday, August 06, 2007

about ALI and Joe flizzow and top 20 malaysian blog

I got this in my email today. Check out abang Roslan Aziz's ALI new video from Haru Biru Motion Picture Soundtrack 1000 verses . I've had the pleasure to listen to ALI's songs at abang lan's office last month and it's rocking hot! ALI is a band comprising Roslan Aziz and Mukhlis Nor. watch out for ALI's album to be release soon under universal music malaysia .

on another note, has been selected to the top 20 AllMalaysiaN blogs. Voting is now open for the top5. Vote for me and vote for Emilia Yusof (tiada kaitan dengan saya tapi sebab dia letak link saya, saya letak balik link dia) dan kroni AF5 saya (ayat dari SM sendiri) sultanmuzaffar too. to vote, click the red ''vote me' button at the right widget bar -> and choose your top5. photo of Ali copyrighted by

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emilayusof said...

Haha...I like the word 'tiada kaitan', I actually copied the thing from Shashi-isms* and thought I give a little promo to all. Thank you for the mention. All the best!


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