Friday, August 31, 2007

about Merdeka!

Happy 50th Malaysia! woke up today early as usual... was flipping the TV channels between TV1 ,TV3 (both for the Merdeka Parade), Axn and History channel when a friend of mine sms me about the passing of her beloved cat. poor Ayu, she must be so devastated.

Went to work on the voiceover project that seems to be endless without an end... ( i wish i need not work today so i can go back penang but i can't cancel my appointment... arghhh). Went to the Curve Damansara after work, did some shopping and now having BBQ burger at TGIF. thank goodness for the technologies that we have today, I can blog wirelessly almost anywhere nowadays. I wonder if we are not yet Merdeka (independent) would I be able to do this now...?

Why Chedd? why you not celebrating merdeka? I am, but to me, Merdeka is not about going to Dataran, lepak around shouting Merdeka! Merdeka! or watch a fireworks or anything like that... I know how to celebrate Merdeka my own way by remembering those who suffered to give us the Malaysia that we have today... thank you.
I love being busy, hate it when i am not. Quite an uneventful day for me :( How was yours?

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