Friday, June 15, 2007

about comments on URMI... updated!

URMI no MORE!!! aiyo my daily routine now sudah kacau!!! i want to be on stage again! ! it's been great but my only wish is that more people would be able to enjoy it as much as i enjoyed being on-stage. anyway, here are some of the comments (mostly personal) that i got from frens, viewers and fellow bloggers : read on...

What i like about this URMI, was that they integrate Bali, Indian, Malay and Chinese elements, as well as Java. The characters and the storyline were all presented following the Shakespeare's original work, but other elements were tweaked and tuned, fused in the current setting where the presentation is being held; Asia. I think the director Sabera Shaik has done a really good job. If i have given a chance to present The Tempest for another time, i would like to follow her path. All in all, i would rate this production 5 upon 5. Cheers! Lekays (Blog Post)

The opening scene was gorgeous... the choreography depicting the rough sea were very surreal. The show got a little bit draggy when the dialogues became longer. My only consolation during the show was watching my friends performing. Chedd sang a song and move very well in his role. I think Samantha Schubert were brilliant! She has the best diction among all. Jeremy Xander Thinking for the think tank

i went to IB last wk end just to see yu performm... even ngan muka ala tepung gomak hahaha sorry... i still can recognize yu... best sgtt... terhiburr... i paling suka part bali scene, kecak tak silap ya.... but sorry la penat sgt balik dr morib sampai tak larat dahh... hahaha... awayy gitu... layan je la.... anyhow, urmi was not bad....tahniah to yu...
stabuxguy (posted comment)

jujurnya, saya teruja sebab si chedd dan err, siapa sorang lagi, ermm.... samantha. ya samantha schubert. stabuxguy

good show...cuma sound system ada kureng skit la bro...and mic pun ada yg problem gak... but one thing....u were great bro!! p/s....tunggu nak tgk remy pulak... harman (posted comment)

it was a surprise to see you acting in URMI. And you sure were good. BRAVO! Xis (posted comment)

What made “Urmi” different is the way it was directed. The production team had adopted Oriental elements adopted into this play. Hence, audience would find there were "Kecak" Dance and belly dance among all. However, this play was still in English. Overall, it was an entertaining play and worth seeing. Bila Pena menari

It was a great show. full of awesome moments. the opening sequence was BEAUTIFUL! pity the marketing aspect didn't reach the standard of the show. Viewers turn outs was not that encouraging although the show was superb. The production should sack the marketing people. Julie Ang (email)

Great performance bro! wish more people would come and watch. congratulations! Alan Tan (sms text msg)

Love watching how "mabuk" you were on stage LOL! When u 1st came on stage with that song, i thought... WOW! Good job and tell Samantha that sho looks good on stage. Her movement was fluid! I forgot that she is NOT 15 years old! Melissa Tan (email)

These are some personal messages i got here and on my mobile. so there u have it guys, 3 more shows to go. i heard rumours Saturday is pack. but there's still tonight and sunday matinee show. do drop by and do text me (my number is at the right panel in this blog) if u come and i'll come over and say hello after the show.

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