Friday, June 29, 2007

about the Bootcamp, kawan lama, Afiq AF5 and Ayi

Been so busy the last few days... today marks the 3rd day i am in the StarMaker bootcamp. it's been fun so far but what's dreadful to think about is that at the end of this 2 weeks bootcamp will be an exam of sort... an "audition" so to speak... aiyo!
First day was a bit of a shock for most of us because we were trying to get use to new people and trainers... some that we have worked and known with before while some are totally new to us. but this is the real life... you bound to meet new people and make new friends.
Day two was even more fun but menyeksakan badan!... biasalah, Mr. Pat Ibrahim in the house... walaupun ianya menyeksakan badan, it was FUN and WORTH every sweats sebab memang best. We did the chorus choreography for Titah Sultan. nasib baik saya, zeqhty, Megat and Abang Talif masih ingat lagi step step itu. Saya memang love Pat and his sessions sebab i must thank Pat Ibrahim for making me loose 10 kgs during PGLm. cant wait to work with him again.

Day three sebentar tadi was also another fun night sebab we all had a session with Sean Ghazi... seronok sebab we all dapat try to emulate his steps and choreography in Miss Saigon when we did The American Dream. we have to sing and dance to the tune and the choreography. I am glad that i took this challenge to join the bootcamp tapi thinking about the exam at the end of the sessions buat saya shiver seluruh badan.... hmmm i hate exams...
Dalam pada itu, last monday semasa saya di PJ's IT mall doing some "check cleared" computer shopping spree, jumpa miss sabrina Hassan yang sedang sarat mengandung tu (congrats dear) malu sangat nak ambil gambar sampai tutup muka... then later terserempak dengan Jessie, my co-host masa buat Goolies Game Show kat 8TV dulu... seronok juga jumpa kawan lama berborak sakan. lama juga kami berborak...
Dalam pada tu semalam dapat info dari Afiq AF5 yang dia akan berada di Genting Sabtu ini dan di Jaya Jusco Seremban jam 4 petang pada Ahad Julai 1hb nanti.
As an update to my previous post, my brother sudah released from hospital although he wont be able to work for 2 months after the operation masuk besi and what not, i am glad that he's gonna be fine. baru beberapa hari lepas dia dah boleh gerak jari jemari dia. thanks guys for the prayers.

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Anonymous said...

hello chedd.annuar here.

owh i didnt know that u host goolie?hehe.

i was in asiaworks today, and my buddy,elizabeth she knew that i am really passionate about my movie:onani rite, then ,yesterday they was watching transformer together.with jessie.

what a small world.haha.

owh btw, i am really interested to join the bootcamp.but i have to register to uia this sunday.urgh! i really wish to take a sem break for 3 months for this bootcamp.then, when i get the leave, i called infiniti and they said is fully booked already.26 persons.i was like shit! huhu

i dont know, the audition,i was busy with my sister's wedding.

the bootcamp ,because of my lateness and the register thingy.

hrm, till when can i work with such passionate people who can give their sweat blood and tears like u guys!! grrrr im craving for it.

a humble waiting servant.

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