Tuesday, April 03, 2007

about being busy...

hmmm... haven't been writing anything for a very very long time now. been busy that's why... very busy ...

The rehearsal for the new play i am in has been ongoing since early march. to be stage in
istana budaya this coming June, I'll be playing as Stephano, the drunken butler in URMI (that's Sanskrit for waves/tempest) a MASAKINI theater adaptation of William Shakespeare's Tempest, by the look of it, this new production is going to be huge! with ligthing design by Mr Mac Chan and The Ever Fabulous Raja Malek doing the sets and directed by Sabera Shaik, can't wait to be on stage again.

Apart from that,
Mr me also been busy coaching the Akademi Fantasia 5 students every single morning to do vocalisation has been keeping me from staying late at night because i need to wake up early everyday. on the other hand i am loving it because it is a training for myself too... that's why i keep telling the students not to call me cikgu (teacher) because me being there is not to teach them but to lead them to do morning vocal warm ups until they can do it them self. but I'm loving this because seeing them everyday makes me realize that there are a bunch of multi talented kids and only time will tell that they will be huge... i love them all... dafi with his down to earth personality, dekna with her jokes, noni and her laughs, heliza with her focus, aizat and his "gegaran", shawal and his quite jokes... each and everyone of them has something special.

so i guess busy is good...

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