Saturday, April 21, 2007

about being sick and fasha ... cak cak cak

yesterday was a "not so good" day for me... had slight fever, demam sikit. tapi nasib baik hari ini aku fully recovered. thank god.

last night was Malaysian TV premiere of Cicak-Man. it was my 3rd time watching it after the cinema and the special premiere that me, Megat, sabrina and Pat went to 3 months before it was released. it was fun but what was more fun was the game i played with my AF5 adiks yesterday morning after vocal warmups. saja aku kacau they all sebab dalam Akademi they all tak boleh tengok TV lagipun semasa tayangan itu they were doing the full dress rehearsal so i ask them to be creative and think out of the box to come up with thier own intrepataion of Cicak-man. it was fun to see them jadi klon-klon aznil, apek and fasha. ada 3 fasha semalaman, Mila Shanda, Candy Shanda and Heliza Sanda. hehehe kalau you all tengok diari semalam kelakar... group yang menang aku janji belanja coklat on Monday (tak boleh today sebab malam nanti nak perform).
today my family semua gonna be around so i dah promise them to spend some time with them jadi tak dapat lah tengok adik adik aku perform. takpe. all the best tonight.

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