Saturday, May 19, 2007

about "I'm not Ramlee, My Name Is Remy"...

We had a blast last night at the PGLm appreciation party held on the Pamper Flr, Starhill Bukit Bintang. The press, Zahim (came late after his stage play), Adlin, Pat, Baby, Megat, Noreen, Suki, Fern, Nadia and Zana (Luscious), Trez Boy (Equal Starz), Isma, Asrul (SuriaFM) were all there celebrating but what was more important yesterday was the announcement By Tiara about the next big project by Enfiniti Production!

As I hinted somewhere here before, She's taking a break from being the puteri of Gunung Ledang to produce another big scale musical based on the life of our late Seniman, Tan Sri P.Ramlee with a working title My Name Is Remy (previously known as P.Ramlee The Musical)

Back on board with Datin Seri Tiara is Pat Ibrahim (choreography). Zahim and Adlin (Co-Director and Adlin will be writting the script again), Dick Lee (Music) and perhaps the same creative team for PGLm will be making this new Musical another big success. I heard that this piece will be an ensemble peace and according to Pat who have heard some songs written by Dick Lee, it going to be a blast!

Why My Name Is Remy? well, Remy as some of you might know already is Tan Sri P.Ramlee's nickname. Work is on-going and workshop will be soon. keep a look out at this spacce for further announcements. Staging is planned for this year's Raya season.

ok... nak pergi kerja kejap, the top 5 Finalist of AF nak perform kali terakhir malam ini. i am going over to the Akademi now to do their warm-ups. these photos are some that i took last night but i am still waiting for more from the rest of them, go to my multiply so see some of the uploded photos that i have posted, ada banyak lagi kat situ...

This is an update from this morning session with the AF5 Finalist, they said they are all ready to rock stadium Putra Bukit Jalil and hope to give their best tonight, insyaallah. Jangan lupa sapa yang ada tiket datang awal sebab ada Karnival Akademi Fantasia diperkarangan Stadium bermula jam 2 dan yang tiada tiket atau tak dapat datang jangan lupa menonton live malam nanti.

Tetapi, jangan lupa AFundi!

ps: siapa juara baru AF5? jawapannya malam nanti dan saya terkhezut dengan penyingkiran Melinda Doolittle on American idol...

orang kuat stage kami, SM and ASM Pat Gui and Midon

Pat T Ibrahim , Baby Arin, Nadia and Zana (Lucious) di apit oleh Boy Trez (Equal Starz)

Antara wartawan hiburan yang hadir malam semalam

Tiara dan Adlin di sessi "Soal Siasat" PGLm dan My Name Is Remy

Datin Seri Tiara ketika mengumumkan projek terbaru My Name Is Remy

More photos at sheowfern aka FernTimah at Multiply


elly.s said...

siapa juara baru af? mesti la mila abang chedd
what do u think?

zafi said...

heyya bro
about the new project
when its going to be presented eh?
i wish i could be there...
update eh!

aziya said...

Bro... Badan "Pat T" dah naik hehehehe... dah boleh panggil "Phat" tue... kirim salam kat dia....

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