Friday, May 25, 2007

about URMI/tempest in theStar today...

An article about the project i am in featured in theStar today :

Shakespeare with an Asian flavour

SHAKESPEARE’S The Tempest allows imaginations to run wild as its isolated settings can be applied in almost any situation. With that in mind, director Sabera Shaik decided to give the famous play a touch of Asian perspective by producing it in a Balinese ambiance.

Inspired by the mysticism of Bali that revolves around spirits, black magic and superstition, Sabera feels that the theme of freedom struggles fit perfectly into Bali’s culture. The unique construction of the play required a different movement vocabulary to be learnt by the cast picked by Sabera based on their ability to move.

Part of the actors from left standing: Chedd Yusoff, Soon Heng, Annantha, Samantha Schubert, Manomaniam, Guna and seated from left Gani A.Karim, Syed Mustapha (choreographer), Kerry and Sam.

“I wanted to work with people whom I’ve seen performing and allow them to try something different,” she said.

For lead actress Samantha Schubert, this is the second time that she has performed in The Tempest. The Balinese approach is new to her. “It made me realise that I can still dance and I had to use muscles that I have not used before. The Balinese approach makes the play very fluid,” she said.

For Sabera, who started planning the play one year ago, other than learning the Balinese movements, getting funding was also a challenge. “We are still looking for sponsors to help support this interesting production.”

“The colourful, thought provoking perspective set here in a multicultural environment is a real winner. The show also entertains in terms of a wide spectrum, costumes, set design and music specifically composed by RPS Raju,” said Gani.

The show, which is a production of Sabera’s theatre company Masakini, is presented in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and will be staged at Istana Budaya from June 9 to 16. The gala night opening is on June 11.

For tickets, call 03-4149 8600 or 03-4026 5558 or visit Students and senior citizens get a concession rate.

The article above has been edited, to view the full text click here with more photos.

So, tunggu apa lagi? jom tengok ramai ramai ok? And if you would like to read the full text click here or get a copy of theStar today. put URMI into your calendar and make a date with us ok? it will be an audio visual spectacle experience, i promise you. MORE info coming soon.

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